A friend of the deceased in Syria Alexei Sedunova called him a man of great soul

© AFP 2018 / Alexander KopitarСамолет Il-20M. Archival photoA friend of the deceased in Syria Alexei Sedunova called him a man of great soul© AFP 2018 / Kopitar Alexander

Alexander Alexandrov, a colleague of the military from the Astrakhan region Alexey Sedunova, who was killed in Syria on 17 September, admitted that he could not come to terms with his death, and spoke of him as a man of great soul.

Astrakhan newspaper «Volga» had previously reported that among the dead in Syria is the native of the town of Akhtubinsk in Astrakhan region Alexey IP Sedunov. The death of a military RIA Novosti confirmed his former colleague Alexander Alexandrov. According to Alexandrov, along with Sedunova he served in Akhtubinsk Astrakhan region in the battalion airfield logistics.

«Yes, it is. We provided the flights. Then he was transferred to Kubinka in 2015. He was just an awesome guy, great soul man. He had a wife. Alex was 31 years old. Can’t believe» — said to RIA Novosti Alexander.

The defense Ministry announced that on September 17 at around 23.00 GMT connection lost returning to the base Hamim Russian plane Il-20, which was 35 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. As stated in the Department, around the same time, four Israeli F-16 fighter attacked the Syrian objects in Latakia. According to the defense Ministry under the guise of a Russian plane that Israeli airmen had set him up under the blow of air defense of Syria, the Il-20 was hit by a missile complex s-200. Killed 15 Russian soldiers.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed readiness to provide Russia with all of the information necessary to investigate the accident Il-20, and proposed to send to Moscow the commander of the air force. He called for further coordination of the military of the two countries in Syria. However, he has put in the ATS responsibility for the plane crash.

In the defense Ministry after the incident, stated that Israeli aircraft deliberately created a dangerous situation in the region of Latakia, the controls of the aircraft could not see the Il-20, as it came in to land. While Israel did not warn the commanders of the Russian troops in Syria on the planned operations in the area of Latakia. The Russian defense Ministry has described the provocative Israeli actions as hostile and reserved the right to adequate response.