American billionaire, said the new financial crisis

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A new financial crisis can be expected in the next two years, said the publication Business Insider, the American billionaire founder of investment company Bridgewater Associates ray Dalio.

According to him, the economic cycle is divided into several stages. Original debt grow together with income from production, and the value of the assets increases. Because of the growing debt, the Central banks moving towards monetary tightening.

In the further interest rates fall almost to zero. The economy enters into a stage of depression, as Central banks move to policy of quantitative easing, buying assets.

«In my opinion, the period in which we are located, is very reminiscent of the 30-ies of the last century,» said Dalio, Recalling economic and political situation in the world during the great depression.

Thus in such conditions the gap between rich and poor that contributes to the growth of populism, said the billionaire.

The previous global financial crisis developed into a global recession that emerged in 2008 after the bankruptcy of the fourth largest U.S. investment Bank Lehman Brothers.