Analysts said that the Communist party could not repeat the triumph in Primorye

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The decision of the election Committee of Primorye about cancellation of results of elections of the Governor of resets the situation, and lead the region now anyone can, while there is no guarantee that the Communists will repeat its triumph in the second round, but a key mystery remains the candidate of the EP, according to respondents RIA Novosti the scientists.

The electoral Commission of Primorye at the meeting on Thursday on the recommendation of the CEC of RF acknowledged the election results of the head region is invalid. The candidate from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko has declared intention to appeal against the decision of the electoral Commission in court. Acting Governor of Primorsky Krai Andrey Tarasenko considers correct the decision to cancel the results of elections of the head region.

Informed Ishchenko and Tarasenko have accused each other of falsification of the protocols in the second round of elections of the head region. In the course of summing up of the election candidates were alternating the lead by a very slim margin, the results of processing 100% of ballots Tarasenko received from 49.55% of the votes, while Ishchenko is 48,06%. After submission of candidates ‘ complaints about violations of the CEC was sent to Primorye representatives to assess the situation and decided to recommend to the electoral Commission of the region to recognize the election results invalid, since the analysis of complaints revealed a gross interference in the election campaign with use of administrative resources. The CEC head Ella Pamfilova said about the cases of bribery of voters, forced voting, ballot box stuffing. The Kremlin appreciates and supports the position that the elections should be legitimate and fair, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Reset the situation

As told RIA Novosti political analyst, expert of the centre for social innovation «Black box» Natalia Kolomeitseva, the decision of electoral Committee about cancellation of results of elections is to be expected.

«To them we are zeroing in on the situation. What happened with the election process, election campaign, and most importantly, vote-counting, discreditied and the work of the electoral Commission, and democratic institution we have in the region… that the election Committee followed the recommendation of the CEC, is to somehow save the situation, because under the circumstances, protest in the voting community is split, and we can’t understand what is really going on with voters — they are set in completely impossible conditions,» — said the analyst.

According to her, if the will of the people has happened, it must have an expression in the results, and those results, which are pre-summed up the electoral Commission, are illegitimate, said Kolomeytseva.

«New elections mean that we start all over again. And all willing candidates will be able to participate in the relevant procedures. Someone waiting in the election — now it’s like guesswork. If it so happens that the EP will not put a very strong candidate, and that it will not Tarasenko — almost 100% probability, if the new candidate will not be a leader of public opinion in Primorye, I doubt that he will be able to win,» said Kolomeytseva.

«Now the society remain suspect, and the rating Ishchenko just soared to such a level that nobody could have expected. Now the key unknown is the candidate from the ruling party. It doesn’t have to be a local leader. A leader in the Maritime region, who would in three months be promoted, probably not. And in any case to discuss any candidacy too early», — said the interlocutor.

Triumph not to repeat

As told RIA Novosti analyst, head of the Department of journalism and publishing School of Humanities, FEFU, Victor Burlakov, probably, the election in December, the Communists decide to repeat his triumph, but there is no guarantee that this will work.

«But the question is: now it is, and by December things can change. I think that to repeat the triumph they did not succeed. If Tarasenko will retain the post of the acting Governor, maybe two hands. Or he will go to the polls, but in this case he will need to try very hard to regain the trust. Or determine another candidate from the EP. If it is «Varyag», he will have to prove why people should vote for him. If local — it needs to be a very powerful figure,» — said boatmen.

According to him, if you nominate a new figure in place of Tarasenko in the region, it will happen soon.

«Time is very short. The candidate will have to enter a course of Affairs and even to convince people to vote for themselves. The local will be involved in the situation. There are a lot of options, and they all discussed», — said the analyst.

In a press-service of administration of Primorye reported earlier that while Tarasenko remains in the position of acting Governor of the region.