«Broken ribs, knocked out teeth». In Klintsy safety teacher stopped the massacre of 88-year-old

© Video stills Leonid Sailasuta in the yard Clara Melamed«Broken ribs, knocked out teeth». In Klintsy safety teacher stopped the massacre of 88-year-old© video Stills Leonid Sapele

A few days ago a resident of the city of Klintsy of the Bryansk region Leonid Sepele early in the morning was awakened by heart-rending screams from the street. He jumped out of the apartment and saw that a strange drunk man brutally beat his neighbor, 88-year-old Clara Salamouny Melamed. Shepell defused the brawler. Now the victim is in the hospital, recovering. What happened in Moscow at RIA Novosti.

«To help, no one dared»

The heartbreaking cries of a woman forced to Wake up neighbors in the day around 8:30 in the morning. Looking out from the balcony of the second floor, the teacher OBZH klintsovskiy industrial technical school Leonid Shepel saw in the yard of an elderly woman trying to get away from the angry men. «Kick back to the body he pushed her down and continued to beat him bedridden. I hastily dressed, picked up the phone and rushed out into the street. When ran to the scene, removing what is happening on the smartphone, the man hit her head on the ground. She continued to scream and call for help. Immediately I struck him several blows with his feet in the head — good playing football. When he closed his eyes, curled up and stopped moving, I realized that fear is nothing more», — says in conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti, Sepal.

Leonid helped a neighbor stand up: lips of Clara Salamouny was covered in blood, face in the ground. «During the time she spat out a tooth. Said that the brawler doesn’t know. He just knocked on the door to her apartment, and when the pensioner opened the door, started beating her. She managed to escape, she ran down the stairs. The inhabitant of one of apartments left at the screams, looked at the events and came back, slamming the door. On the street, the assailant caught up with the victim and continued to beat him. Nearby there were people, someone shouted from the balcony «leave her alone», but to help in the work, apparently, no one dared», — restores the sequence of events concerned neighbor.



To cope with the offender 88-year-old woman, Shepel called a friend and asked to take him to the hospital — he got hit my leg hurt so much that he could barely move. «Leon said that, most likely, broke his leg. My husband came and took him away. An ambulance grandma had to call a neighbor. After examination, the doctors said that it’s just a bruise, we took Leon back home. In the hospital seized another friend who came in worried about him,» explains RIA Novosti Darya Safonova.

«And if not this guy?! All it would watch from the Windows for what is happening! What kind of monstrous indifference! And the guy deserves respect. Thank God not all hardened hearts,» said another podistica.

Don’t forget about the neighbor, zachopoulou the door. «What, she couldn’t noise-raise the cry, as it can do women, when they themselves can’t handle?» — surprised Tamara Meed.

As told by other subscribers in the comments, brother of the attacker, policeman, he has more than once helped a relative of such alterations. What was the reason for the aggression this time remains a mystery. There is an assumption that the drunk rowdy just confused the apartment.

The concern of the people was that video recorded as teacher OBZH repeatedly beats the bully kicked in the face. «Can twist the case against Leonid. Let’s hope that this will not happen,» cringed one of the users.

Residents of Klintsy gave the girls sorrowdusk 88-year-old pensioner in the hospital, money and food. To report to philanthropists, Anna, Daria and Leonid recorded a short video when they came to visit the victim. Clara Shalamova on the record refuses to accept the money, saying: «No, my dear». In the end, Sepal puts money in the pocket of her robe.

«We found in the house of relatives of the attacker — his wife and another girl, probably his sister. They apologized, offered to pay for the treatment, but Clara Salamova was adamant and firmly said, «we Want criminals were punished.» Girls left in tears. The pensioner is already much better», — says the details of Safonov.

© Photo : private archive of Leonid Saaleland, Depel«Broken ribs, knocked out teeth». In Klintsy safety teacher stopped the massacre of 88-year-old© Photo : private archive of Leonid Saaleland, Sepal

Teacher OBZH residents of Klintsy want to reward. Many were familiar with it before — together with friends, he often performs at city festivals: Leonid and Anna sing, and Daria accompanies on keyboards. Prior to that, Shepel served in the military band.

The editors of the portal «]. Inform» was sent to the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev letter asking them not to ignore the manly thing to do, Leonid. «Based on the opinion of the inhabitants of the city Klintsy intercede for the possibility of awards for bravery and heroism of the Savior of an elderly woman,» — said in the text of the appeal signed by the chief editor.