Citizen of Kuzbass was sentenced for killing a woman and raping her daughter

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotobounce. Archival photoCitizen of Kuzbass was sentenced for killing a woman and raping her daughter© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The court in Kemerovo region was sentenced to 20 years and two months in a strict regime colony inhabitant of Kiselevsk for committing a number of crimes, including the murder of a woman and rape her 15-year-old daughter, said Thursday the regional investigation Department of the RF IC.

According to authorities, the incident occurred in November of 2017, when the 35-year-old convicted drank alcohol away from the familiar local resident, which also was her daughter. When the alcohol ended, the man invited her to go to the store, and on the way back — go to the abandoned house and drink, the woman agreed.

«During drinking between them there was a verbal conflict in which the convicted person repeatedly struck the victim with a knife in the chest. She died on the spot. To conceal the crime, the man doused her body with alcohol and set on fire. Then he came to the house of the murdered women and they have committed violent sexual offenses against her daughter. The man knew that he has an incurable disease,» — said in the message.

As found by investigators, the girl managed to escape from the house. For help she turned to friends, who detained the man and handed him over to law enforcement. The investigation notes that at this time, local residents noticed a fire an abandoned house and called the emergency workers who, eliminating the fire found the woman’s body.

The suspect quickly identified and detained. At the request of the investigator before the sentencing, he was detained. The investigation also revealed that the man involved in assault on the local resident, committed in October 2016, the report States.

Ultimately, the court found the inhabitant of Kiselevsk guilty under articles «Murder», «Rape», «Violent actions of sexual character concerning minors», «Knowingly placing another person in danger of HIV infection», «the Robbery made with a use of weapons», added the Agency.

«The sentence of court the man was sentenced to 20 years two months’ imprisonment in a strict regime colony,» — said in SUS’k.