Disclosed details of the creation of the first Russian reusable rocket

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In Russia in the next four years will create a fully functional demonstrator returned to the stage of the carrier rocket, said to RIA Novosti, the Fund of perspective researches (FPI).

«Now in full swing preparing technical specifications. According to our forecasts, in the first half of next year, work will begin», — said the representative of the Fund, adding that the project was named the «Wing-SV» (stage return — ed.).

According to him, technical design in an accelerated rate of work will take about a year. «We want to go in stages — first is the work done on the subsonic demonstrator conducted its tests, the adjustment to to the next stage we come with minimal risks», — said the Agency interlocutor.

For the fabrication stage will be used exclusively Russian-made components. The Prime contractor for the project is the site of JSC «EMZ named after V. M. Myasishchev». In addition, the project undoubtedly involves a wide cooperation with companies in the aviation and space industries. For example, in this work the active participation of specialists of Roskosmos, and the purging of the aerodynamic models will be engaged in TSAGI. The development of the demonstrator will be funded FPI, the «Wing» is scheduled to be included in the Federal space program as having «good business potential», said the representative of FPI.

Use a experience Mask

According to the interlocutor of the Agency informed, in the preparation of the preliminary design were studied all international experience, including experience in creating reusable rockets, which company SpaceX.

«We have analysed absolutely everything and development, which today is in the world, realize and understand that each of them has its own specifics, including the application, basing on the availability of space, their territorial location and so forth. After examining all similar projects, came to the conclusion that for Russia the most interesting is the return of a stage on an aircraft,» — said the representative of the Fund.

About the project

«Wing-SV» is a reusable winged rocket light class, the preliminary design which was prepared and defended on may 29 in PEF. It was carried out by the working group where the parent company was organized by JSC «EMZ named after V. M. Myasishchev».

At this stage the objective was the implementation of works on designing aircraft parts and integration with the rocket. Prepared a variety of layout options, calculated aerodynamics, weight summary, and so on. The basis was taken the «Baikal» project, which was developed by the Khrunichev Center.

Have been a number of research works, released preliminary documentation considered several alternative schemes. So, the «Baikal» wing swivel — when the rocket starts, it is in the folded state, and after the output to the desired height of the payload in the vacuum of space wing is folded, passes hypersonic, transonic and subsonic phases, after which the stage sits on the runway in automatic mode on an aircraft.

«At subsonic demonstrators planned to do over the next four years, will develop an automatic landing and subsonic flight regimes, and hypersonic, respectively, hypersonic regimes. The outcome of the research should be fully functional demonstrator rocket engine, which will execute the entire test cycle, starting from the start and output to the desired height, ending with the return from the landing,» — said in the DRF.Disclosed details of the creation of the first Russian reusable rocket© Infographicsrussia me astronauts?