Fair Russia urged the CEC to check the work of the Ulyanovsk regional election Committee

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in photobacteria, archival photoFair Russia urged the CEC to check the work of the Ulyanovsk regional election Committee© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

The leader «Fair Russia» Sergei Mironov said about the numerous violations in the elections in the Ulyanovsk region, urged the leadership of the CEC to send to the region a working group to assess the activities of the election Committee to make a decision on a vote recount on elections in the legislative Assembly, reported the press service of the party.

«Elections September 9, were held without serious abuse. But some «pockets» of violations in some regions was still. Serious questions have arisen in the course of voting and on the work of the regional electoral Commission in Ulyanovsk region,» – quoted Mironov in the message.

As reported a press-service of regional branch of party has addressed in regional court with the request to oblige the regional election Commission to conduct re-counting of votes at elections of deputies of the legislative Assembly in connection with numerous violations. In addition, Ulyanovsk SRS suggested that the regional electoral Commission to invite to the region, a working group of the CEC, the report said.

«We support the demands of our comrades in the party. I urge the leadership of the Central election Commission to send to Ulyanovsk oblast representatives to check the work of the election Committee and decision about the recount,» — said Mironov.

The leader «Fair Russia» says that on election day, the activists recorded numerous violations: attempts of ballot box stuffing, busing of voters, canvassing campaigning for a particular party. Mironov noted that in a number of incidents already under way dosledstvennaja checking on two sites the results of the vote cancelled, however, that, in his opinion, is not enough.

Mironov also reminded that the election Committee made a mistake in the distribution of mandates in regional legislative Assembly – the representative of LDPR has counted the mandate, which was intended for the Communists. «A mistake corrected through the courts, but the precedent has already casts doubt on the competence of the Commission», — said the leader of the socialist party.

Elections to the legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region were held September 9 in a single day of voting on a mixed system. Half of the deputies (18 people) were elected on the lists, the other half in single — mandate constituencies. Seats in the new convocation were representatives of the four parties: United Russia — 17 places, the Communist party — 14, LDPR — four, «Communists of Russia» — one.

A member of the CEC of Russia Alexander Klyukin last week announced that the results of the voting in the elections of September 9 is cancelled at several polling stations in the five regions, among which — Ulyanovsk oblast.