In Mumbai urgently villages plane due to pressure loss

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Miikka H / systemКислородные Emergency oxygen masks in the cabin. Archival photoIn Mumbai urgently villages plane due to pressure lossCC BY-SA 2.0 / Miikka H / Emergency oxygen system

The Indian airline Jet Airways was forced to return to the airport in Mumbai due to the loss of cabin pressure, the ramifications of which are felt more than 30 passengers, reported ANI.

The plane took off in Jaipur on Thursday morning. On Board were 166 passengers and 5 crew members. Presumably, on the plane forgot to activate the pressure switch, causing the necessary pressure on Board were not supported. As a result of the rise of dozens of passengers began to experience pain in the ears, many have a nosebleed.

Upon landing in Mumbai all aboard passengers were removed from the flight, the victim was given emergency medical assistance, said the representative of Jet Airways. He noted that the members of the crew of the aircraft were suspended from their duties for investigation, passengers will be forwarded on the alternative flight.

One of the passengers in the aircraft reported that the aircraft landed an hour after take-off. He added that after takeoff has stopped working air conditioning, then turn off the system pressure dropped and oxygen masks.