Matvienko commented on the situation with gender equality in the world

© Photo courtesy of the press service of the Federation Council Matvienko Valentina. Archive photoMatvienko commented on the situation with gender equality in the world© Photo courtesy of the press service of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

The situation with gender equality in the world is improving, but the problems with women’s rights remain, said speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, speaking on the second Eurasian women’s forum.

«I must admit that the situation with gender equality progressively changing for the better, the influence of women is growing in all spheres. It is indicative, for example, that in the leadership of the United Nations there are more women than men,» said the Senator.

According to her, most States are already close to complete closing of the gap between men and women in matters of equality in education — in Russia, this problem is already solved and career opportunities.

«Evidence of positive change can be called the role of women in the parliaments of the world. Today, almost 20% of parliaments are headed by women. So, forty years ago among the delegates Assembly of the inter-Parliamentary Union, women were less than 8%. And on the 137th inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in St. Petersburg, women accounted for 30% of the participants», she added.

The speaker stressed that the largest parliamentary organizations such as IPU and PACE, today headed by women. An important event was the creation of a «women’s summit». Definitely a powerful impetus for the development of women’s agenda has become the first Eurasian women’s forum, she said.

«However, we have to admit that many long-standing problems remain relevant. First of all, this «feminization» of poverty. In the world among people living in poverty, women make up about 70%», — said Matvienko.

Still there are inequalities in access to resources. So, women own less than 20% of the land in the world, with more than 400 million women work in agriculture and create bolshuyu part of the food produced in the world, she added.

«According to experts to eliminate inequalities in the economic sphere at the current pace it may take from one to two centuries. So long to wait,» said the legislator.

According to her, closing the gap in employment of men and women, only a quarter would add about 4% growth of the world economy. «There are many other problems — the inequality in pay for the same work, violence against women in the family. Therefore, I believe that we women should take a more active and aggressive in the best sense of the word, position in overcoming gender inequality,» concluded Matvienko.