Matvienko emphasized the importance of women’s participation in conflict resolution

© Photo : press service of Spreadsheeting of the Federation Council Valentina MatviyenkoMatvienko emphasized the importance of women’s participation in conflict resolution© Photo : press service of SF

The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko said that in the twenty-first century women have become a powerful force to resolve international conflicts.

«We need to achieve how to increase the presence of women in the mechanisms for overcoming conflicts and creating your own women’s structures to achieve these objectives», — said the speaker of the Federation Council, speaking on Thursday at the plenary meeting of the second Eurasian women’s forum.

According to Matvienko, women should use their growing influence and to promote the humanization of international relations.

She believes that women should combine their efforts to achieve the goals of global security and sustainable development. «Of particular importance today becomes a dialogue of women at the international level,» she said.

Matvienko noted that, unfortunately, in a world of growing conflict potential, sacrificed the fundamental principles of interstate communication, including the rule of international law, non-interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States from the outside, respect for the right of peoples to their own path of development.

«Cases of applying economic and political pressure is increasing. Entire Nations are punished unilateral sanctions, in fact, only for the fact that people vote, say and think wrong someone from the outside. Entered economic blockade, people are denied freedom of movement, implementation of basic humanitarian rights,» — said the MP.