Near Voronezh, there was another collision of buses

© RIA Novostima help. Archival photoNear Voronezh, there was another collision of buses© RIA Novosti

The collision of two buses occurred in the Voronezh region two days after another that claimed the lives of five people. This time six people injured, according to the regional Department of the MIA.

The accident occurred at about 14.00 MSK in the Liskinsky district on the highway Liski — Kolybelka.

«According to preliminary data, the minibus driver drove into oncoming traffic, lost control and made collision with bus the GROOVE», — stated in the message.

«As a result of the accident, according to preliminary data, six passengers of the minibus got injuries of different severity delivered in medical institution», — said the interior Ministry.

The fact of the accident police checks, establish all circumstances of incident.

Two buses collided in the Voronezh region on September 18, 525-kilometer highway M-4 «don». One stood on the roadside, while the driver solved the problem, the other crashed into him. Four people died on the spot, another in the hospital, hospitalized was delivered to 14 people, six had on-site assistance.