On the coast in New Zealand found a giant pulsating creature

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On the coast of Auckland in New Zealand has found an unusual pulsating creature, reports FoxNews.

It clarifies the portal Stuff.co.nz, vacationers while walking along the beach found a giant monstrous jellyfish that washed up on the shore.

Eve and Adam Dickinson found an unusual jellyfish, referring to the hairy cyanea, on the beach near the small town of Warkworth on the North island.

«Jellyfish were everywhere, we were very surprised. And then we saw this huge jellyfish that seemed to not like others. We really took her because she was beautiful colors and shapes. My son said it reminds him of a volcano,» — said Yves Dickinson.

However, as said Diana McPherson, a scientist from the National research Institute of water and atmosphere (NIWA), the fibrous lanei familiar to New Zealand in the warm season. However, according to her, this jellyfish were on the beach too early.

«They usually come in spring and summer, because it begins to bloom plankton,» she explained.

The portal notes that the hairy cyanea is the biggest jellyfish that can be found in New Zealand. Usually up to 50 centimeters in width, however, there were cases when the size of the jellyfish, this species exceeded a meter in diameter.

Dead giant clam

Bicyclists traveling in New Zealand, found last August on the beach of squid with a length of over four metres, reports the Daily Mail.

Brothers Daniel, Jack, and Matthew Aplin came across a giant dead mollusk in the early morning of August 26. They measured it with a ruler and called in the national Institute of water and atmospheric research.

Experts have taken invertebrate in the lab. Later they said that it is a typical representative of the giant squid — kind deep-sea squid.

«Hairy monster»

Also in August it became known about the strange creature that washed up by the waves on the coast of Kamchatka. Discovery managed to find one of the local residents, who shared footage of the mysterious «monster» on Facebook.

«I share with you this incredible find. What is most interesting — it coated tubular form. Maybe it’s some ancient creature. If I could send scientists in this place, that they marvel at it looked. Maybe we ocean threw a mystery,» wrote Svetlana djadenko.

Users in the comments to the post suggested that, most likely, djadenko found globster is an unidentified organic mass that washes up on shore of water bodies. Most often it is half-decayed remains of whales or sharks.

Employees of the Kamchatka fisheries Institute Institute confirmed the Agency «Kam 24» that the remains belong to the normal kit. Under the influence of sea water and ocean dwellers carcass, according to scientists, lost body fat and he gained such a bizarre shape.