ROC will develop a program for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of Syria

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The Russian Orthodox Church is developing a special program to rebuild the infrastructure of Syria, especially religious objects, and invites you to join members of other religions, said the head of the Department for external Church relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

Metropolitan Hilarion addressed the faculty and students of the Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon with a presentation on the topic: «the Russian Orthodox Church and Christians of the Middle East», the full text of the speech published Thursday on the website of the DECR.

«At the moment in the Russian Orthodox Church worked out the program, the Central idea of which is to help rebuild the infrastructure of Syria. Believe that it is necessary to pay special attention to the restoration of temples and other religious objects, including Muslim. Without this it is impossible to hope that time will heal a full life, because the Holy places – temples, mosques, monasteries are the focus of life is deeply traditional Syrian society,» said Bishop.

In particular, in 2013 at the hands of terrorists suffered heavily Orthodox convent of St. Thecla in the village of Maaloula is part of the province of Damascus. According to Metropolitan Hilarion, to date, the restoration of the monastery with the support of the Moscow Patriarchate is almost complete.

«If we talk about the task of rebuilding Syria and a comprehensive resolution of the situation in the middle East, no country can do it alone. Therefore, the Moscow Patriarchate again urges the international community and the Christian denominations to unite efforts for the sake of this work. Now we are also working on individual projects to rebuild Syrian infrastructure, to which we invite you to join our partners», — said the head of the DECR.

According to him, of the seven million Syrian refugees across the border, about 240 thousand have already returned to their homes only in August 2018 have returned home 9 thousand Syrians from Lebanon and 500 from Jordan.

«If we consider the number of internally displaced persons to their homes have already returned one million and two hundred thousand people. Relevant work is the Russian Coordination centre for reconciliation the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic», — said the Metropolitan.

ROC will develop a program for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of Syria© RIA Novosti, RIA Illustration to Novoshepelychi in photobacteria before and after the outbreak of hostilities