ROMIR: the Russians have told us what they associate with safety

© Fotolia / Deyan GeorgievКлюч in the keyhole. Archival photoROMIR: the Russians have told us what they associate with safety© Fotolia / Deyan Georgiev

The Russians associate safety first with calmness and security, said the research holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

The survey polled 1.5 thousand respondents aged over 18 from all types of settlements and Federal districts of the Russian Federation. The sample represents the adult population of Russia. In early September, ROMIR said that among the most important for the Russians value the first place is family, safety and reliability.

«Security for the Russians mean peace. This response in the survey of the holding «ROMIR» gave 17.8% of respondents. The second most popular answer was defense or security. These concepts associated with security of 14.7%. For 8.5% of the respondents, security means reliability, for 7% of respondents — caution,» the study says.

In turn, 3.9% of respondents said that for them, security means «security» and «assurance.» «On the police force in connection with safety remembered at 3.1%. The same number of respondents noted that for them, it means health,» added the study. In turn, 2,3% of respondents associated safety with the house, peace or family.

Another 27.9% of respondents gave different answers, each of which is within the statistical error — in the study, these responses were combined into the category «Other». Finally, 3,2% could not name any Association with the concept of security. The «ROMIR» indicates that a persistent Association with the concept «reliability» of the respondents a bit: the leader is a variant of «confidence», chosen by 13% of respondents.

«High position of such concepts as «security» and «reliability» in the list of the most important values show that the society retained the request for stability. Thus security is understood in a narrow sense — as a rule, personal safety or family safety», — said the President of holding «ROMIR» Andrey milehin, whose words are in the release.