Russia for women in science ahead of Britain, Germany and Japan

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Russia on the level of women’s involvement in scientific activity occupies a leading position in the world, ahead of Britain, Germany and Japan, said the first Deputy Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov on the expert session in the framework of the Second Eurasian women’s forum in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

«According to UNESCO, Russia compares favorably with other countries. In the world the percentage of women involved in science, is 29%, in Russia — 43%. For comparison, in the UK it is 39%, in Germany — 28, in Japan — 16», — he said.

According to Trubnikov, in Russia women make up a significant part of highly qualified scientific personnel. «A thousand women 339 have the diploma about higher education. A thousand men — 264», he said.

According to him, in the field of education in Russia «the position of women even stronger.» Thus, the proportion of women in teaching staff of Russian universities is 57%, in the management of universities is 53%, among the rectors of 16%.

«Our Ministry attaches importance to creating conditions for full and equal participation of women in scientific, educational and cultural spheres of society. For us it is a priority», — said Trubnikov.

He jokingly called the Ministry of science and higher education «gender-balanced» because the number of Deputy Ministers includes two women and four men, one post remains vacant.