The court has left under arrest of the head of the Karelian «Memorial»

© RIA Novostiukraine meeting. Archival photoThe court has left under arrest of the head of the Karelian «Memorial»© RIA Novosti

Karelia Supreme court has left under arrest of the leader of the Karelian «Memorial» Yuri Dmitriev in the case of sexual violence, told RIA Novosti the representative of the court.

«The decision of the Petrozavodsk city court upheld, and the complaint – without satisfaction», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, the court had Dmitriyeva arrested until October 26, protection was applied on house arrest.

According to the investigation, from 2012 to 2016 had committed violent acts of a sexual nature against a minor daughter. The court sanctioned his arrest, and then Dmitriev passed a psychological and psychiatric examination in St. Petersburg and was transferred to the Karelian capital on August 18.

The Petrozavodsk city court on 5 April met Dmitrieva on articles about the production of pornography involving minors, but was convicted of illegal possession of the main parts of a firearm, and sentenced under this article to the restriction of freedom for 2.5 years. Later, on June 14, the Supreme court of Karelia canceled the sentence and sent the case for reconsideration.

According to the prosecution, Dmitriev for several years photographing naked little stepdaughter for making pornography, and illegally kept the main part of the single-barreled fowling piece, in which design improvised way changes were made. The prosecution asked to assign to him nine years in a strict regime colony.

None of the charges Dmitriev not guilty.