The mufti of Syria urged to separate religion and state

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Safronov, the mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-DIN Hassoun. Archival photoThe mufti of Syria urged to separate religion and state© RIA Novosti / Sergey Safronov

The mufti of Syria Ahmed Hassoun during a meeting with students in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district stated the need for a clear separation of religion and state.

The head of the Syrian Sunnis on Thursday on a visit to the largest city of the region — Surgut, where he visited the local mosque, met with imams from different cities of Yugra took part in the prayer together with the congregation, and spoke with students.

«The prophets did not create the state, they opened the door to the community. Faith is the choice of each individual, not coercion. We need to clearly separate religion and state. Religion or faith is man’s relationship with God, whereas the state of man’s relationship with the people, the law,» said Ahmad Hassoun.

He also stressed that religion, which comes into the house, «fire and sword», very quickly be expelled. The preacher said that he is a Muslim, not because he was his father. According to the mufti, each person has to wonder about why he chose a particular denomination, why to believe or not believe in God.

«We need to think (about it), otherwise, as in a situation in which your father wants you to choose the groom or bride, and you do not like this man… And faith is the same,» added Ahmad Hassoun.

The visit of Syrian mufti to Surgut will last for two days. On Wednesday, he met in Moscow with the Governor of Yugra, Natalia Komarova thanked the head of an Autonomous County for the fact that she has made efforts to strengthen the relationship. The head of the region and the Grand mufti of Syria also met in April, during the visit of the Russian delegation to the Arab Republic.

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