The National Interest reported on the serious problems the U.S. air force

© Flickr / U.S. Pacific CommandБомбардировщики B-1B U.S. air force in support of F-16 making a test flight over the territory of South Korea. 13 November 2016The National Interest reported on the serious problems the U.S. air force© Flickr / U.S. Pacific Command

The U.S. air force does not meet the requirements of possible future conflicts due to congestion problems, technical problems and shortage of trained personnel, this is with reference to the analyses of the research center RAND and the accounts chamber of the USA according to the portal of The National Interest.

As the newspaper notes, these studies paint a «bleak picture» of the situation in American aviation. Experts have studied the potential of the U.S. air force in four possible conflicts of the future: a new Cold war with Russia or China with large and small regional conflict in the operations to peace enforcement with the introduction of no-fly zones, as well as in campaigns against the rebels.

Analysts based on the previous operations, the U.S. air force, evaluated their capabilities in eight different challenges, including gaining air superiority, air strikes and transport.

According to the calculations of RAND, almost none of the scenarios, the us air force are unable to achieve 100% success, notes The National Interest. So, in the event of prolonged regional conflict, the percentage of successful air attacks and air strikes will be only 62% and 65% respectively, says the magazine.

As indicated by analysts, the scenario with the lowest probability of a direct clash was for the US air force is the most problematic. Thus, in operations to enforce peace, the American aircraft will be able to provide only 29% of the needs in the field of intelligence and reconnaissance, 40% missions special purpose and 46% in the bombing, according to the article.

The reasons for such disappointing results, according to analysts, are a serious problem in maintenance of aircraft and lack of trained personnel, concluded the magazine.

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