Water from the river Vilyuy potable, said in Rospotrebnadzor

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subbotniki basin in Yakutia. Archival photoWater from the river Vilyuy potable, said in Rospotrebnadzor© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subbotin

Water from the river Vilyuy in the Mirny district of Yakutia, polluted due to the erosion of dams, suitable for use in economic-drinking purposes, according to the website of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor.

In mid-August in the Mirny district due to heavy rains broke through dams dredge polygons of the company «ALROSA» on the river Irelyakh. Contaminated water containing iron ions and copper fell into the river Vilyui, the Irelyakh and Small Botuobuya. ALROSA purchased and transferred reagents for disinfection and purification of water administration Suntarsky district of Yakutia. On Monday, the chief ecologist «ALROSA» Polina Anisimova said that «suspended solids are deposited, and the river Vilyuy self-cleaning».

Rospotrebnadzor experts Yakutia, explored the river Vilyui on sanitary-chemical indicators in ten towns of Mirninsky, Suntarsky, Nyurbinsky, verkhnevilyuisk and in the Vilyuy regions of Yakutia.

«At present levels of water pollution in the river Vilyuy in the Mirny district declined to background values… water from the river Vilyuy suitable for use in drinking purposes,» — noted in management.