Alexander USS has entered a post of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in potamanthidae of the Krasnoyarsk territory Alexander USS. Archival photoAlexander USS has entered a post of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Elected Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS has officially entered a post, informs RIA Novosti correspondent from the venue of the inauguration.

The solemn ceremony of the inauguration held in the Big concert hall in Krasnoyarsk. Where there are deputies of the regional Parliament, honourable citizens of the city and region, representatives of public organizations and enterprises. During the inauguration of the OSS made a vow.

«I swear in exercising the powers of Governor of the Krasnoyarsk territory to observe the Constitution of the Russian Federation… to Honestly and conscientiously fulfil entrusting me with responsibilities. Apply all forces and knowledge for the benefit of the region», — he said.

The results of the elections to the single voting day September 9, USS scored 60,19% of the votes, Yegor Bondarenko (LDPR) — 23.34% of the votes, Alexander, Limpio («Fair Russia») — of 12.32% of the vote. The turnout was of 28.94%.