British ex-Minister has declared the intention to resist the plan may for Brexit

© 2018 AFP / Justin Tallis Party of protest against Brexit near the Parliament building in London. Archival photoBritish ex-Minister has declared the intention to resist the plan may for Brexit© 2018 AFP / Justin Tallis

The ex-Minister for Brexit David Davis said in an interview with the Huffington Post, 40, «stable as stone» eurosceptics are planning to oppose the plan of British Prime Minister Theresa may on Brexit.

In July, Prime Minister Theresa may at a meeting with conservative members of the Cabinet of Ministers insisted on the commutation of Brexit, which angered eurosceptics. This was followed by the resignation of the influential conservative Minister out of the EU David Davis and Minister of foreign Affairs of Boris Johnson, as well as several minor members of the Cabinet.

As reported, the skeptics of the «European research group» (ERG) are going to oppose the plan, may at the Conservative party conference, which will take place next week, and then to vote against it in Parliament.

The publication notes that some factions in the government have pointed to the division within the group of skeptics. However, according to the former Minister, the group represents «an electoral bloc that cannot be ignored.»

«Stone» the core of the ERG more numerous. I’m not even a member of the ERG. This is approximately 30-40 (people — ed.),» said Davis.

Reportedly, Davis is particularly annoying that according to Mei, there are only two types of events — its plan and the scenario «without transactions». In his opinion, a more appropriate solution is the free trade agreement similar to the existing between the EU and Canada.

Britain and the EU until the end of October should address three important questions that would allow Brexit in the interests of London and Brussels to finalize the agreement on withdrawal from the European Union, to solve the problem of the border with the Republic of Ireland and to develop the format of future relations.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. Negotiations about conditions of withdrawal of Britain from the EU are ongoing since last summer and have not yet led to significant progress. Recently in the British media there was speculation that the talks may be the absence of any agreement. The head of the European Council Donald Tusk after the Brexit discussion at the informal summit of EU leaders also did not rule out the possibility of the absence of the transaction on the terms of the divorce, the EU and Britain.