Former Deputy speaker of the Duma of Penza sentenced in fraud case

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Former Deputy speaker of the Penza city Duma Georgy Tyurin sentenced to 4,5 years of a colony for attempt at fraud in especially large size, reports the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to investigators, Tyurin in 2016, agreed for money to help the owner to resolve the issue of documentation for construction. The Deputy also organized a scheme in which the businessman paid no less than 1 million rubles to third parties «for the performed work and rendered services,» the Agency notes.

SK notes that the MP has introduced the businessman to mislead «about its real possibilities in the solution of the question.» The Deputy speaker has demanded additional «fee» — the property right for almost 1.5 thousand square meters in a newly built building, which cost more than 21 million rubles, said SK. Right to this part of the businessman was to make the son of the Deputy, who does not know this, adds the Agency.

«Tyurin for the implementation of the agreement has attracted informed a friend of the lawyer Andrey Ryabysheva, who was asked to contribute in the receipt and transfer of part of immovable property», — stated in the message.

It explains that the lawyer has prepared false documents for the «fictitious conclusion of the preliminary contract of purchase and sale of real property between limited liability company and a son of a Deputy with no real transfer of funds».

«The Deputy, by signing needed documents from the son, thus attempted fraudulently to obtain from the owner of other rights the obligation of the company to his son, and actually before him, to transfer the ownership of the above-mentioned part of the capital construction object after registration of the relevant documents for the whole object», — informs SK.

It is noted that Tyurin does not have time to bring criminal intent to end, because he was detained. The court sentenced him to four and a half years correctional colony of General regime and fined 500 thousand rubles (attempted fraud in especially large size with use of office position), and the lawyer Ryabysheva two years in a General regime colony and a fine of 100 thousand (aiding and abetting fraud in especially large size).