«Heard «guilty» and cried». The pensioner was convicted of poppies in the garden

© Photo : broadcasting company «Rifey-Perm»labor Veteran Igor Troshev on trial«Heard «guilty» and cried». The pensioner was convicted of poppies in the garden© Photo : broadcasting company «Rifey-Perm»

In Perm pensioner, veteran of labor, was sentenced to a year of probation for the Bush poppy, which grew in his garden. Only 467 of the flowers that had sprouted in the beds between the garlic, onion and currants. Igor Troshev believes that the seeds could bring together with the soil in the spring he ordered a patch of new ground. The police, however, this explanation is not believed.

Gardeners is not the first time become involved in the «poppy» cases. So, the pensioner from Snezhinsk in the dock almost sent the competition on the landscaped courtyard. Deciding to stand out, an elderly woman landed in the flower bed composition of poppies.

Dangerous flowers

This story began in the spring, when 64-year-old Igor Yakovlevich Troshev ordered on his land in the village of Mokino Perm region dump land — half a ton. The soil he scattered on the garden beds, planted onions, garlic, carrots and waited for the harvest. White flowers sprouted between the useful crops along with the weeds, he did not pay.

«I knew specifically not to grow poppies that can condemn. But thought for big red flowers, as in Afghanistan. And my garden grew tiny, about the size of his fingernail,» the unassumingly explains Igor Yakovlevich.

To weed the «white flowers» the pensioner did not. First, once again to bend over Troshevo difficult — he has a degenerative disc disease, and age is solid. Besides, along with overgrown poppy grower was afraid to pry and cultivated plants: «I had started to weed, but it pulls from marcosa Yes, onions. In the end, so no crop is not to stay, I left to do it.»

Yes, and follow the garden Troshevo was particularly time — he cares for his wife on disability. Many years ago she was hit by a motorcyclist, there was a hemorrhage in the brain. Since she cannot walk, almost can’t hear anything.

«Where this Mac came from us, no one understood. Maybe the seeds in the ground was that we purchased. Maybe the drug they are specially planted, then to cut and sell,» puts forward a dubious version of convict.

The nineteenth of September Igor Troshevo is sentenced to a year of probation. Hearing «guilty», the pensioner began to cry.

«Very disappointing in his old age to receive the mark of felon — going through it. — I all life worked in collective farm, veteran of labor received. Even in retirement continue to work hard. While others at home are sleeping, I work in a gas boiler by the operator. My picture hung on the honor roll. Never got even administrativku. Don’t drink, don’t smoke.»

«Sickly plants, growing chaotically»

The lawyer of retired Yegor Mikhailov told RIA Novosti that the court was made by the Professor, the Perm state agricultural and technological University. Specialist confirmed: Mac in such numbers could grow from the seeds brought with earth.

«Professor studied the photo and recognized that this plant in the garden of my conviction grew in chaotic order: a few dozen bushes in the garden with a carrot, on a bed of onions. But this contradicts the version that it was planted deliberately. In addition, the expert noticed that the plants are sickly, so proper care was not», — retells the performance of an expert attorney.

Need to clarify that planting Igor Yakovlevich is not imputed — only cultivation. «The Plenum of the Supreme court explains that this word refers to the creation of special conditions for the growth of plants — watering, weeding, fertilizing. But none of the above my client did — insists Mikhailov. — Simply put, if Troshev was a plan to grow poppies and sell it, why he did not pull the garlic and other crops, which clearly prevented the Mac to develop?»

But most importantly, draws the attention of the lawyer, the consequence is not established the purpose of poppy cultivation. «Troshev neither he nor members of his family did not consist on the account at the psychiatrist. He was tested for drugs — all clear. Not revealed that it is the Mac going to someone to pass. That is, in his actions not intent,» argues the lawyer.

Meanwhile in office of public Prosecutor of the Perm region RIA Novosti reported that before the start of the investigation, law enforcement officials met with Igor Yakovlevich and I warned him about the need to get rid of the plants. And the poppy grows in the Ural climate only with special care. Confused and that the other beds of the pensioner, the weeds were all weeded.

Troshev has not yet decided whether to appeal the decision of the court of first instance. Says that she is afraid to butt heads with people in uniform: «what if something happens.»

The first flowerbed on the district

This is not the first case in the country when gardeners are accused of illegal cultivation of opium poppy.

Shestidesyatiletiya a resident of the village brodokalmak Chelyabinsk region from may to July 2018, grown in the garden 157 the bushes of the forbidden flower. Caught red-handed selling 145 grams of poppy straws for fifteen hundred rubles. Now she shines till 15 years of imprisonment.

However, the most absurd, perhaps, the story took place in 2011 retired from Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region. Then the city announced a competition for the most improved yard, 83-year-old Evdokia Alekseevna decided to stand out and planted flower beds a field with poppies.

«First place was taken, she cried and then during the interview Snezhinskaya Gorodskaya information portal. — Flowers grew beautiful, and then the police came. Said they drug. it was decorative of Macka, Eastern, odnolistovoe and Terry, small, with a nail».

Just in the yard counted 38 bushes. In the end, it decided not to initiate, but the nerves pensioner shook considerably.