In Moscow will pass the international festival of performances for children «Gavrosh»

© Fotolia / Daddy CoolРебенок on stage. Archival photoIn Moscow will pass the international festival of performances for children «Gavrosh»© Fotolia / Daddy Cool

International festival of performances for children «Gavrosh» will be held in Moscow from 21 to 30 September, said the organizing Committee.

The current «Gavroche» will be held with a «German accent», and will present performances for children and the whole family from Berlin, düsseldorf, tübingen, Erfurt, Nuremberg. They work in different genres: drama, theatre objects, puppetry and visual as well as contemporary dance.

In just ten days of the festival will be given 40 ideas for children and Teens from 2 to 16 years. Performances of «Gavroche» will be held on the main and new scenes teatrium on serpukhovka, stage «Under the roof of the Mossovet theatre, new scenes and Simonov Vakhtangov theater and the theater «the Bridge».

«Among the productions of the «Gavroche» we have collected performances from all over Germany, — said RIA Novosti art Director of the festival Marina Raikin. — Performances of «Oscar and the mystery of the missing children» and «Kashtanka» we saw at the festival in Nuremberg. From Erfurt invited a statement about a very courageous girl «About how my father became a Bush, and I lost name.» In Berlin, where he conducted the show of performances for the youngest theatre goers, took performances – «Little story» and «Brownies». Another work that will show in Moscow, «Conrad, or a Child from a tin» is also found in Berlin.»

According to the art Director, this year on «Gavroche» will be two performances for teenagers «Platform» (a synthesis of modern music and modern dance) and «Under water…» — a masterpiece of puppetry. Open the festival two performances of düsseldorf is a sister city of Moscow — «Mechanical ballet» and «the snow Queen».

«Gavroche» is the first and only festival that will celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus influenced design and architecture not only in Germany but worldwide. Created in the early twentieth century by students of the Bauhaus school «Mechanical ballet» will be the first performance which will be shown at the festival «Gavroche» in Moscow,» — said Raikin.