In Perm opened a case against the school in which expelled a student because of hair color

© Photo : official website of Gymnasium №4 named brothers Kaminskiene № 4 im. brothers Kamensky in Perm. Archive photoIn Perm opened a case against the school in which expelled a student because of hair color© Photo : official website of Gymnasium №4 named brothers Kamensky

The office of public Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky area of Perm has filed an administrative case against the Director of the school in which the student was not allowed to lessons from pink hair color. This is the website of the Prosecutor’s office of Perm region.

At the beginning of the academic year the Deputy of the Perm city Duma Nadezhda Agisheva wrote in Facebook that her 15-year-old daughter was suspended from school because of inappropriate appearance: a girl came to school without the school emblem on the suit and with pink hair. In the school the decision to dismiss was based on the fact that the image of Schoolgirls violating «the Requirements to the appearance and clothing of students of MAOU «Gymnasium № 4 named after Kamensky brothers». The girl was forbidden to attend classes as long as it does not result in appearance in accordance with the rules.

This story caused a great resonance in the media and social networks, and the district Prosecutor’s office began checking. According to authorities, the suspension was illegal as such a measure is not provided for any Federal legislation on education, or local normative acts of the educational institution. In addition, the school could not establish requirements for color and length of hair of students.

As a result the regional Prosecutor’s office filed against the school and its Director, an administrative case under article «Violation or illegal restriction of the right to education, expressed in the violation or restriction of the right to public and free education.»

In addition, the Prosecutor’s office appealed the approved school requirements for appearance and clothing of students.

On all revealed infringements, the authority also made a submission to the Deputy head of administration of Perm.

Attitude to the incident was expressed by the Commissioner for human rights in the Perm edge Paul Mikov. According to him, the suspension from school due to hair color is discrimination.

Now the schoolgirl was admitted to the class.