In the state Duma provided the foreign mark in the conflict in Kabardino-Balkaria

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in fotobanka Balbec. Arkhivnaia photoIn the state Duma provided the foreign mark in the conflict in Kabardino-Balkaria© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

After the conflict in Kabardino-Balkaria are foreign experts who designed the method ideological Subversion trying to remotely control the citizens of Russia, believes the Deputy of the state Duma Committee on nationalities Ruslan Balbec (EP).

On Wednesday, the SUCK of the Russian Federation on KBR has informed that in fact the riots in the village of kendelen in the Elbrus region conducted preliminary examination. It was noted that on 18 September, members of the horse campaign in honor of the 310th anniversary of the battle of cengelkoy (it is believed that in this battle the Circassians defeated the troops of the Crimean Khan Kaplan Giray) were stopped on the way to kendelen. To the place of events in order to prevent collision of the parties to the arrived employees of the Republican interior Ministry and Regardie. Unidentified persons, refusing to fulfill legal demands of the law enforcement officers used physical violence against representatives of the authorities and tried to provoke a clash of parties, «including posting on social networks of false information about what is happening, but also calling for the incitement of hatred and enmity on grounds of nationality», said the SC.

«Fingering the wounds of the past and using the lack of a unified approach to the assessment of historical facts, the experts from foreign countries by the method of ideological Subversion directed trying to remotely control the citizens of Russia. But ought not we, the great Russian nation, to be puppets in someone’s hands! Kabardians and Balkars are two fraternal peoples, which the neighbor means more than a close relative,» said Balbec RIA Novosti.

The politician noted that the conflict unleashed during the XII Congress of the International Circassian Association, which was attended by representatives of the Adyghe Diaspora around the world, «will once again allow outside forces to raise hysteria at international platforms around the non-existent Circassian issue, with the aim of exerting pressure on our country.»

«Long known that soil for any of the ethnic conflict are nationalist views, studiously inculcated into the public consciousness from the outside. In my opinion, the export to our Russian society of nationalist and extremist religious ideology should be regarded as applying in relation to us ideological weapon that we have to respond adequately,» — said the Deputy.

To counteract this, Balbec suggested to form a common view on past historical events and to «forgive each other the wrongs of the past». «The only way we can preserve and strengthen inter-ethnic peace and accord in our multinational and multireligious country,» he concluded.