Pinega response Vogue – the inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk village took up the challenge of the famous magazine

© Photo : from the page of administration of pinezhskiy district in a social network «Vkontakte»Photocross Our answer Vogue : beauty in the eyes of pinionPinega response Vogue – the inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk village took up the challenge of the famous magazine© Photo : from the page of administration of pinezhskiy district in a social network «Vkontakte»

Residents of the Pinezhsky district of the Arkhangelsk region launched the contest in response to the outrageous photo shoot of the world famous magazine Vogue in one of the local villages, finding it ambiguous and not reflective of the real beauty Pinega.

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Publication Vogue Italia (@vogueitalia) September 4, 2018 7:46 PDT


A few days pinagana sent about 300 photos of women in traditional dress on the background of native landscapes, causing the admiration of Internet users, many of whom decided to travel to Pomerania to admire the beauty and even look for the bride.

Baleen model in North the scenery

Italian Vogue magazine for its September issue decided to go to a remote area of the Arkhangelsk region in the village Chikinsky Pinega area. Decorations for the photo shoot was the magnificent scenery of the Northern territory, but the attention of people was attracted to the models and their outfits, which, although they were stylized like folk, but had nothing in common with traditional Northern costume. And do pictures of girls with fake mustaches on a background of the temples he showed a lot of offensive and vulgar.

As told RIA Novosti the head of the administration of pinezhskiy district Alexander Chechulin, the views of residents divided — from very negative to very positive.

«One thing is clear: in the Pinega district in the foreseeable future will not be considered a beautiful woman with a mustache glued, so the population – when they saw, initiated a people’s contest» — he said.

By words a press-the Secretary of regional administration Irina Hakobyan, the outrage expressed by mostly the older generation, brought up in severity and did not managed to see for the outrageous models in colorful clothes features «high fashion».

«If the photo was not used Church attributes, they (the older generation) would react more loyal. And the youth responded overwhelmingly positive: our district noticed the world’s magazine photographers have found and reached the village Cicinskas to which not every pinioning away», — said Irina.

Towns wins the Internet

The organizers had put a condition: the pictures on the background of the scenery Pinega should be depicted women or girls, preferably in their national costumes. Administrators do not have time to upload pictures to the page area of «Vkontakte», and grateful listeners do not get tired to admire the «authentic, real Northern beauty».

«For three or four days we have more than 150 participants, more than 300 photos. People react positively, we do it without trying to take revenge, just want to show that Pinega district is a beautiful place with beautiful people and outfits. Our task is to show towns not only as a flamboyant photographer, and as is actually,» he said..

The initiative of pinion caused a warm response from many people in Russia. Under the photos in social networks leave admiring the signatures of inhabitants of different cities: Omsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg.

«Even from the Baltic States write that they support, that photo is beautiful, and very beautiful towns and its residents. Some expressed a desire to go for brides in the Pinega district», says Hakobyan.

In recent days, she has considerably increased: social media users asked the administration Pinega don’t be shy and share photos of the beauties and the beauties of the place. So, the area has developed its own page in Instagram and Facebook. «The interest has not abated, people send photos in the evening, in the morning post several times a day to update,» says the spokesman.

Outfits from my grandmother’s chests

Competitive pictures – little Penzance with eyes the color of the Northern sky, smiling girl in the hay, dignified grandmother – all dressed in national costumes: bright shirts and sundresses, draped over the shoulders colorful shawls, embroidered shawls and headdresses.

«Word of the complex – shirt, sarafan, belt – typical for our costume. Preserved beautiful festive costume – carotene, girly embroidered headbands. Color – very different, but I love the bright blue, red, purple… More we loved the decorations in the first place amber beads», — told RIA Novosti head of the Pinezhsky local history Museum Tatyana Kuznetsova.

Spontaneous photo contest showed that residents of the North preserve its history, traditions and culture. Hundreds of people got cherished Granny outfits or stitched with a modern twist Pinega costumes, learned samovars, spinning wheels and rocker.

«We still have the costume can be found in home collections somewhere, and somewhere grandma got to wear for the holidays. We have costumes that are 100 years old. They are passed from generation to generation. On the photo to see even reps shawl – it was a figure of the dowry: in the summer holidays showed the bride, who carried the REP shawls. Rich bride threw a few shawls to ten», — says head of the Museum.

The premise for Vogue

From Pinega the photo contest winners: each picture is a kind of Declaration of love to the native land. The district administration decided to share that love with residents of the Arkhangelsk region.

«We set a goal – the climax of the competition to organize a traveling exhibition that will go in the Arkhangelsk region. We are already negotiating with the major cities. It will be called «Our response to Vogue. Beauty through the eyes of pinion», — said the head of the district.

It is unknown whether the organizers use what what started the flash mob – the very same photos Vogue. «Well, if you get — make a few photos in posters and sending send in Vogue as a friendly response to see how pinagana see the native land and understand the beauty,» the plans..

Perhaps because of the national competition of towns with its authentic beauty, with morning fog and amber sunsets, wooden churches, beautiful without Botox and photoshop, will become a new point on the tourist map of the Arkhangelsk region. And hospitable people we welcome you all: photographers, lovers of antiquity and pristine nature here, even for potential suitors will find a couple reps shawls in family collections.