Poroshenko said about «the fall of the Third Rome of Russia»

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Lazarenkova in Photobacterium of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko speaks at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 20 Sep 2018Poroshenko said about «the fall of the Third Rome of Russia»© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Lazarenkova the image Bank

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday announced «the fall of the Third Rome of Russia.» This is evidenced by the entry in his Twitter account.

«The significance of Thomas (granting autocephaly. — Approx. ed) is beyond the scope of Ukraine. This decline of the Third Rome as an ancient concept application of Moscow for world hegemony. We have different understandings with the Russians the Orthodox world is one of the reasons why we are not on track,» wrote the head of the Ukrainian state.

Also during his speech, Poroshenko called Ukraine «the biggest Orthodox country in Europe.»

«We as the largest Orthodox country in Europe will show how organically into a single national body along the Eastern rite Christianity and democracy,» he added.

Petro Poroshenko, ignoring his earlier promises not to interfere with the state in Church Affairs, trying to achieve recognition of non-canonical religious structures and creation on their basis one local Autocephalous Church in Ukraine, outside the framework of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Earlier, the Patriarchate of Constantinople appointed its Exarch in Kyiv «to prepare for the granting of autocephaly». In UATS this action is condemned, calling it an invasion in the canonical territory of other local churches.

Poroshenko said about «the fall of the Third Rome of Russia»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Policypro Autocephalous