Simonyan compare the rights of men and women in Russia

© RIA Novoshchepniy the editor of the news Agency Russia today RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan. Archival photoSimonyan compare the rights of men and women in Russia© RIA Novosti

Russia is ahead of many advanced countries in the issue of women’s equality, said the chief editor MIA «Russia today» and RT Margarita Simonyan in the second Eurasian women’s forum.

«It is our country for a long time and finally won the the oppression of women. The equality of women in our country is not as pressing issue as it unfortunately is in some other countries until now. In our country, to be born a girl is a humiliation and a curse… I am proud that in our country women are not just equal with men, and have even a little more right,» she said.

Simonyan explained that in Russia women sooner than men who retire. In particular, in the case of divorce parents, the child usually stays with the woman. In addition, the woman receives the parent capital and may not be sentenced to life imprisonment.

RT editor-in-chief also reminded that a woman may take an extended leave to care for a child, and the employer must keep her job at this time. However, she noted that «it is not clear what money she has to live» these three years. According to her, in this respect, the legislation is still imperfect.

«But in this matter… we are ahead of many other advanced countries,» said Simonyan.

She said that RT individual finds ways to provide maternity leave to female employees the option to telecommute, getting a full salary. Simonyan stressed that the channel «is running a lot of really heroic women» who «debunk the difference between male and female professions».