SK filed a case of negligence of employees of the Ministry of health of Bashkiria

© RIA Novostiall procurement. Archival photoSK filed a case of negligence of employees of the Ministry of health of Bashkiria© RIA Novosti

The investigating bodies of Bashkiria opened a case of negligence against the staff of the regional Ministry of health, which in the procurement of insulin caused local damage to the budget in 2,5 million roubles, is spoken in the message of investigatory management SK of Russia on Republic.

It is noted that the case was filed against unidentified officials of the State institution Management of logistics of the Ministry of health of Bashkiria on materials from the Prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, in 2018, the Ministry of health, being a customer for the supply of a medicinal product «Insulin glargine» to ensure that certain groups of the population, spent 67 of similar electronic auctions. The total cost of purchased medicines for all contracts exceeded 32 million rubles.

«By law, if the amount of purchases not exceeding 10 million rubles in the wholesale markup applied to the selling prices of manufacturers of medicines. And procurement Department actually form a single transaction, divided by 67 purchases made in a short period of time, that is wholesale allowance to be applied could not. However, unidentified school officials improperly performing their duties, allowed the use of allowances, which increased the cost of purchased drug more than 2.5 million rubles, and have caused to the budget of Bashkiria major damage,» says SUCK.

The Agency informs that the investigators establish the circumstances of the incident and find out who the officials of the Ministry of health involved in the Commission of a crime.