The consequence asked to extend the arrest of the former head of the Ministry of Kuzbass

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrinorama in fotobiennale of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Kemerovo oblast Alexander Mamontov, who was arrested on the case of a fire in a shopping centre, «Winter cherry» and accused of negligence and embezzlement. Archival photoThe consequence asked to extend the arrest of the former head of the Ministry of Kuzbass© RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrinorama the image Bank

The consequence asks to prolong for three months the detention of the former head of the Central Board emergencies Ministry in the Kemerovo oblast Alexander Mamontov, accused of embezzlement and negligence in a criminal case about a fire in TTS «the Winter cherry», the correspondent of RIA news from the hall of the Central district court of Kemerovo.

On Friday in the Central district court of Kemerovo discusses the application of SK on the extension of a measure of restraint involved in the case.

«The investigation seeks to extend the period of detention (mammoth detention) for three months… that is until 25 December», — said the representative of the investigation, noting that in the case of planned large volume of investigative actions. «We need to continue questioning witnesses, including those located in other regions of Russia, to study a large amount of information… Mammoths might abscond from the investigation and trial,» he said.

The Prosecutor also considered the petition of the investigation reasonable. This position was supported by the audience, the victim and the representative of two families of the victims.

Protection Mamontov noted that the materials according to the petition do not contain sufficient data and the specific grounds for the further prolongation of term of arrest. «Link to public outcry and a wide range of communications mammoth are not grounds for detention. The reasons are not confirmed and are only speculation of the investigation,» — said one of the lawyers.

The second lawyer Irina Novikova noted that the Russian and foreign passports mammoth seized, the circumstances of his life changed, in particular, it is no longer working, has no means to leave the country, he has two dependent children, and he renders every assistance to the investigation. «There is no reliable information and evidence justifying the extension of remand in custody… So the defense asks the court to make a decision on election of a preventive measure not related to deprivation of liberty,» he added Novikov.

The court hearing continues.

According to investigators, Mammoths and ex-head of the Department of supervision and preventive work of emergency in the cities of Kemerovo, Berezovsky and Kemerovo district Grigoriy Terentyev was not planned and not held in 2017-2018, an inspection of observance of requirements of fire safety at operation of OAO «kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat» shopping center «Winter cherry», where on 25 March there was a major fire that claimed the lives of 60 people. Mamontov also charged with embezzlement of more than 1.8 million rubles of budgetary funds.

Previously, both the decision of the court was arrested until September 25. On Friday, the court will consider the same petition of a consequence about prolongation of arrest Terentyev.

In the framework of the criminal case about a fire in «the Winter cherry» detained and arrested 12 people, including owners and managers of the building, the guard, and is also responsible for the introduction of the shopping center into operation, the fire alarm and direct the fire suppression at the scene.The consequence asked to extend the arrest of the former head of the Ministry of Kuzbass© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka in a shopping Mall in Kemerovo