The court rejected the appeal eks-the producer of Lolita to the singer

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in photosangelina Lolita. Archival photoThe court rejected the appeal eks-the producer of Lolita to the singer© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

Ninth arbitration court of appeal upheld the decision of a lower court, which dismissed the claim of Elena Kiper, ex-producer and co-author of a number of songs Lolita the site, to the singer on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, follows from the information in the files of arbitration cases.

The appellate court left without satisfaction the complaint of the Keeper on the July decision of the decision of arbitration court of Moscow, which then entered into force.

Palladium in February, posted in social networks a video in which he said that he had received a complaint from a solicitor Keeper with the requirement to remove from the social networks saying the singer «a more brazen creature I never saw.» According to the IBA, a similar requirement was also addressed Earlier, several media outlets, including and reported conflict Milavskaya with the Keeper, which the singer was accused of «fraud with the author’s deductions» for a number of works, including the songs «Orientation — North» and «Titanic.»

The Keeper demanded of Lolita and the media to remove common Milavskaya information discrediting its business reputation, and to oblige Internet resources that published this information, to publish a refutation. In a submission to the court the draft of the refutation, the plaintiff asked that the untrue information that «the Keeper is accused of appropriation of authorship of someone else’s song, stealing money from the Milyavskaya Lolita Markovna and offensive statements that Elena Kiper is «arrogant creature».

The representative Kiper said in court that between Lo and OOO «Elena Kiper publishing & Production» which General Director is the plaintiff, and in 2014 was signed a license agreement under which singer for a certain period gave the company exclusive rights to distribute their songs. Next the Keeper gave the right of record companies to pay a fixed percentage royalty Milavskaya. According to the representative of the Keeper, was paid as much as was envisaged in the agreement is about 1.5 million. Lolita said in the controversial publication of intent to sue 6 million rubles.

The representative of the IBA claim is not admitted. According to him, the statements of his doveritelnyi provided with verbal markers that indicate the nature of evaluative judgments. The representative of the Respondent — companies «Media content» and «Inews» as editors of the electronic media, to disseminate controversial information, and the media holding «news media», the founder of the network edition the lawsuit also did not recognize, and agreeing with the arguments Milavskaya.

The court of first instance dismissed the claim entirely. In the decision it indicated that «the expression «tried to persuade authors to sign your name», «kidnapped», «a more brazen creature I ever saw» have a negative sense (as) expression is not specified that it is illegal».