The Moscow theatre «Practice» on Friday will present the first premiere of the season

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotomonster Practice. Archival photoThe Moscow theatre «Practice» on Friday will present the first premiere of the season© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The first premiere of the Moscow theatre «Practice» on September 21 will be the play on the first play of a famous writer Dmitry Danilova – «the Man from Podolsk» and «Serezha was very stupid,» staged by the famous Director Marina Brusnikina, reported in a press-service of the theatre.

A tragicomic spectacle of Marina Brusnikina and co-author of the artist Savva Saveliev «Man from Podolsk Sergey is very stupid» tells the paradoxical story of a modern man, urban man, and his relations with the world. On a negative scenario, the stagnant life, the habit of disappointment and denial, the inability to take responsibility for your life and its contents.

The hero of «Man from Podolsk» — the exasperated Everyman living in a city that does not like working on a boring positions in the local rag, to meet with a woman that just used. One of these days with it happens to be an unpleasant event without any seemingly reason is in the police station.

The hero of the play «James is very blunt» in common with the character of the first dramatic works of the fatality of events which will divide his life into «before» and «after». The apparent insignificance of the situation – visit courier and shipping some unnamed things – turns into a whole representation, laws which do not fit into the usual logic.

This performance is made at the intersection of theatre and contemporary art is on the way to the theater viewer is in the space of total installation, where it becomes both observer and object of observation. Here everyone has the opportunity to obtain unique experience to watch your individual performance: both plays will be run simultaneously in parallel on two stages.

«Dmitry Danilov arranges a provocation: in his plays known things appear in a different light, not the ones people say are not the words, the usual situation I find unusual. It plays – the Changeling, said Brusnikina. – We are talking about the alteration, reconstruction of a man – the same opportunity we want to offer the viewer, which at some point becomes not only an observer but also a participant of the show».

According to the Director, it was essentially to take two pieces at once, and because they are similar, but important person to double dip in this situation, in this state, in the process of restructuring to achieve greater effect.»

Staged by the actors Workshop of Dmitry Brusnikina: Pyotr Skvortsov, Alexei Martynov, Alice Kretova, Vasily Mikhailov, Yuri majewicz, Alexei Lubimov, Aristocratic Anastasia, Basil Butkevich, Michael Plotkin and Gladstone Mahib.