The seventh part of the Christmas movie «Christmas Tree» will be the last

© Photo : Bazelevs 2018Тизер to the seventh part of the film new year TreeThe seventh part of the Christmas movie «Christmas Tree» will be the last© Photo : Bazelevs 2018

The seventh part of the Christmas movie «Christmas Tree» will be the last and will be released in Russian cinemas on 27 December, the press service of the film on Friday.

«The twenty-seventh of December, to be released in the movie «the Last Tree» — the final part of Christmas family blockbuster, which tells the stories of common people of our vast country. Now we have to know that the creators of the film «the Last Tree» prepared for the finals», — stated in the message.

The promise of the filmmakers of «the Last Tree» will be the most touching, kind and magical of all, because the characters will say goodbye to viewers. The almanac will include five Christmas stories. So, in the novel «Pines» by Timur Bekmambetov Millennials (Daniel Vakhrushev) will help his brutal stepfather, uncle Yuri (Dmitry Nagiev) to make an offer hands and hearts.

In «the Brothers» inseparable friends Boris (Ivan Urgant) and Evgeny (Sergey Svetlakov) will again be on the verge of breaking up because Jack is going back to Yakutsk. The heroes of the first «Trees» skier (Alexander Domogarov) and snowboarder (Alexander Golovin) will transform the entire city for the sake of smiling beautiful girl in the short story «a restaurant speed-Dating» Yegor Baranov.

«Station for three» Anna Parmas tells the story about a simple girl from Voronezh (Ekaterina Ageeva), went in pursuit of your happiness — the capital actor Komorowski (mark Bogatyrev), and in the novel «bad grandpa» by Alexander Kott maiden (Yulia Aleksandrova) will go to save a lone, but very grumpy grandfather (Yuri Kuznetsov).

«As always, all novel combined voice-over Konstantin Khabensky: preservation of the long tradition is an important attribute of a festive mood», — emphasized in the material.