The US imposed sanctions against China for the purchase of Russian weapons

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate in fotomonster of the Treasury in Washington. Archival photoThe US imposed sanctions against China for the purchase of Russian weapons© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate the image Bank

The US Thursday imposed sanctions against employees of the Ministry of defense of China and Rosoboronexport of transactions for the purchase of Russian weapons, evidenced by the documents on the websites of the state Department and the U.S. Treasury.

Under the restrictions, in particular, were the Department of training of the troops and the supply of the Central military Commission of China and head Sanfu. The Council exercises leadership over the armed forces of the country, it is headed directly by the President of China, XI Jinping.

In the sanctions list includes also «Oboronsertifika», Komsomolsk Gagarin aircraft factory that produces Sukhoi aircraft, and PMC Wagner.

A White house spokesman in a telephone briefing, said that restrictive measures were triggered by purchases from the Russian side the su-35 in December last year and anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 in January 2018. According to him, both transactions have passed after the entry into force of the anti-Russian sanctions.

A senior official added that sanctions aimed at Moscow, but do not imply undermining the defense capability of Russia and China.

«The absolute purpose of these actions is to prevent the flow of funds to the Russian government», — said the employee of the presidential administration of the USA.
In the black list made by the Agency Internet research, Concord Management and Consulting, and Concord Catering, as well as a number of individuals.

Specified in the sanctions list were included in it in accordance with the law «On combating the enemies of America through sanctions» (CAATSA).

A law adopted in August last year. It provides for restrictions to the Russian energy sector and the military-industrial complex. Also assumed and sanctions for natural and legal persons who cooperate with Russia in these areas.

The US imposed sanctions against China for the purchase of Russian weapons© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia against Russia and international trade