Theatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in Photobacterium theatre in St. Petersburg. Archival photoTheatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Back in September immediately after the opening of the season, many Moscow theatres have released new performances, so for some of them, October will be a time of preparation for the next premiere. But this does not affect full of different events in the drama, Opera and ballet theatre Oct.

The Mariinsky theatre

Mariinsky theatre opens the month with a concert of popular young Japanese singer may J., which will take place on 1 October at the Mariinsky-2. The performance will be accompanied by Symphonic orchestra «Nevsky» under Sergei Polyanichko. The concert will take part pianist and conductor Niigaki Takashi. The extensive programme will be performed excerpts from musicals and contemporary Japanese songs.

From 13 to 21 October in the Concert hall of the Mariinsky theatre will take place the VI international organ festival, which will open a series of instrumental festivals of the new season. Their programs within the music forum will present six organists from Russia, France, Sweden and Korea – Johannes Skoog, Lada labzina, Thierry Escaich, Leo van Duslar, Shin Dong-Il, Darya Burlak.

On the historic stage of the Mariinsky theatre on 16 October after a long break, returned Richard Wagner’s Opera «Parsifal» directed by Tony Palmer in the edition the Mariinsky theatre. The premiere will be held with the participation of leading soloists of the theatre – Mikhail Vekua, Alexei Markov, Yuri Vorobyov. The main female role will perform the famous Opera singer Maria Guleghina.

In October, a Concert hall «Mariinsky theatre» will become cinema – series «Music at the Mariinsky» will offer screenings of the legendary silent films of Sergei Eisenstein, Friedrich Emlera, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd. The screenings will be held in live by the Symphonic orchestra of «the Mariinsky theatre» and famous guest performers-improvisers, among them Thierry Escaich (organ) and Stanislav Chigadaev (piano). Project «film Music» will take place from 23 to 27 October.

© Photo : Mariinsky tetraponera singer may J.Theatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Photo : Mariinsky tetraponera singer may J.
Musical theatre

Musical theatre Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, opened their 100th anniversary season, in October, will present an Evening of one-act ballets, which included: «Concerto Barocco» George Balanchine, «Wax wings» Irzhi Kilian and another ballet choreographed by Andrew Kaidanovsky – it will be a world premiere.

«Concerto Baroque» critics consider the greatest ballets in history. It was created by Balanchine in 1941 and is still striking architectural rigor, the natural beauty and precision of form. «Concerto Baroque» has become a symbol of neo-classical style of Balanchine and most accurately expresses the creative credo of the artist – «see the music, hear the dance». The main feature of his choreography – absolute fusion of music and dance.

«Musicality, to me, is primary in the perception of dance, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m so glad to enter in the repertoire of the Music theatre the ballet», — said on the eve of the premiere, which will take place on October 27, the Director of ballet of Musical theatre of Laurent Hilaire.

«Wax wings» Kilian was first staged in Russia in Musical theatre in 2013, and during the anniversary season, Hilaire decided to return this masterpiece to your repertoire. According to Kilian, «all the action in this ballet represent time, space or the environment in which simultaneously there are strength, weakness, doubt, aggression, or depression. In fact it is generalized and exaggerated portrait of our daily collisions.»

The 30-year-old soloist with the Vienna ballet Kaidanovsky, which the foreign press has already named the new international star, yet has no name.

«Andrew Kaidanovsky is, its not like any other style which makes it one of the most talented young Russian choreographers,» said Laurent Hilaire.

Kaidanovsky participated in the young choreographers lab «starting Point» in musical theater. And, according to the head of the ballet for him, «it is very valuable that the choreographer, which was the opening of this project will be to create a ballet for the troupe of Musical theatre on the Main stage».

© Music theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Dancecontest Baroque / Wax wings / KaidanovskyTheatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Musical theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Dancecontest Baroque / Wax wings / Kaidanovsky
The Chekhov Moscow art theatre

Art theatre named after Chekhov, which was headed by the Director Sergey Zhenovach, in October will release the premiere of «Sergei». This is a performance of the famous Director Dmitry Krymov, with its unique style. Performance is put on motives of the novel of Leo Tolstoy «Anna Karenina». But as told earlier, the Director of RIA Novosti, it will in any case not a dramatization of Tolstoy’s novel, and his own composition, based on first novel «Anna Karenina» and «Life and fate» by Vasily Grossman, and especially for this production written by Lev Rubinstein the text «Questions».

According to the artist, the main characters are: Anna, Vronsky, Karenin and Seryozha. Anna Karenina will play the star troupe of the artist Maria Smolnikova, Karenina and Vronsky – mhatovtsy Anatoly Bely and Viktor Horinyak.

© Photo : A. SavinМосковский Art theatre named after A. P. ChekhovTheatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Photo : A. SavinМосковский Art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov
The Theatre Practice

Theatre «Practice» will release in October, the two premiere: «Death chips» on the works of Leonid Andreyev to stop Dmitry Chashchina, «Galich. The right to rest» on the play of Andrew Stadnikova directed by Igor Titov.

«Death chips» – a kaleidoscope of short stories by Leonid Andreyev about the fragility of human life, about the attractiveness and the inevitability of death, about the relationship of man with the fact of its own fragility. This work is an initiative of the actors Workshop of Dmitry Brusnikina – Basil boutkevitch and Maria Krylova. The premiere is scheduled for October 13.

«Galich. The right to rest» — play, tells about one of the most significant and yet enigmatic for his generation figures – Alexander Galich. This performance is dedicated to the poet. The premiere will take place on October 21 at the theater «Practice».

This is a joint project Workshop Brusnikina and Community, with the support of festival «Territory» and the Museum of AZ.

© Theatre «Practice»»Death chips». Theatre «Practice»Theatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Theatre «Practice»»Death chips». The Theatre Practice
The theater Mossovet

The Mossovet theatre in October is the work of a young Director Mikhail Levitin, Jr. – a criminal Comedy «travels with Auntie» based on the novel by Graham Greene.

At the funeral of his mother, a humble Bank clerk Henry Pulling meets his eccentric aunt, luring the hero into a whirlpool of dangerous adventurous travel.

«The nephew and the aunt. Fire and ice. Henry and August. He’s nice, ordinary, without a murmur. She is unstoppable, adventurous, dangerous and eternally young. There were no signs of their meeting. If not for Graham Greene, the great English writer, classic, expert on humor and sharp subjects. Unique, amazing, brilliant. Green sends the heroes on a journey that will change them forever. Fun and horror, brutality and grace, generosity and justice, religion and politics, good and evil. Everything is fused together» — these words precedes your play Director.

The performance involves actors Olga Ostroumova, Alexander Bobrovsky, Valery Yaremenko, Anastasia Pronin, Alexander Jacko, mark Vdovin and others.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobacteria theater MossovetTheatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobacteria of the theater Mossovet
Theatre «At Nikitsky gate»

The first premiere of the new season in the theater «Nikitsky gate» will be the musical «the captain’s daughter», created on motives of the novel of Alexander Pushkin. The theatre’s artistic Director mark Rozovsky created the stage version of the story and wrote the lyrics. The author of the music made by the famous Russian composer Maxim Dunayevsky.

The idea of creating a musical based on the novel by Pushkin Rozovsky was born in the mid 80-ies of the last century, when he worked on the production of «Poor Liza». However, to implement this project, the Director was able in just three decades.

«This book I’ve read fifty times from cover to cover and probably a hundred times on the individual chapters. Because he decided to attempt a book a miracle to turn the miracle theater is to put the «Captain’s daughter» on the stage of our theatre in the most difficult genre «the Russian musical». To do this, my friend, the composer Maxim Dunaevsky has written, in my opinion, great music, and we are all the creators and participants… did everything to the «captain’s daughter» impressed our audience,» said the Director before the premiere.

Creative Union Rozovsky and Dunaevsky was born in the days of the legendary theater Studio, Moscow state University «Our house», one of the leaders of which were Rozovsky. The result of their collaboration became a famous musical play «the Three Musketeers» and based on the television film «D’artagnan and three Musketeers».

According to tradition in the performance «captain’s daughter» are two equivalent of singing and dancing cast of about 40 performers of all generations. Along with the Director worked on the production: set designer Stanislav Morozov, choreographer Sergey Novozhilov, artists, costume designer – Maria Danilova and Denis Shevchenko.

Premiere shows will be held on 7 and 8 October.

© Photo : the theater «Nikitsky gate»the Musical «captain’s daughter», theatre «At Nikitsky gate»Theatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Photo : the theater «Nikitsky gate»the Musical «captain’s daughter», theatre «At Nikitsky gate»
«Et Cetera»

In the theater «Et Cetera» at the beginning of October will see the premiere of the play by Luigi Pirandello «It is so (if you think so)» directed by famous Russian Director Adolf Shapiro. This is his second work on stage. Ten years ago he created a show on the cult novel by ray Bradbury «Fahrenheit 451», which is still a big success in the theatre.

This time he took a play by Pirandello, in the name of which is already read the main idea: the world is what it seems, and it is different for all, and exists only in our imagination. We believe in your made-up story, play them in accordance with their abilities. We live with illusions… That’s what this play and the play. Setting Shapiro for anyone who loves the theater, his true playful nature, who has a keen sense of style and who appreciates not a trivial idea.

Along with the Director worked on the production of the famous painter Maria Tregubova, which has created a space in which there is an image parentallowschild world filled with fantasies and fictions.

© Photo : Et Cetera theatre play by Luigi Pirandello «It is so (if you think so)», theatre «Et Cetera»Theatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Photo : Et Cetera theatre play by Luigi Pirandello «It is so (if you think so)», theatre «Et Cetera»
Theatre MDM

A joint show of Slava Polunin and Gidon Kremer «the snow Symphony» will be first shown in Moscow at the MDM theatre from 24 to 31 October. The capital will host 8 shows.

«The snow Symphony» is a variation on the theme of «Snow show» (Snow Show), which was created Polunin in 1993, and since then it has been shown in dozens of countries with great success.

The last ten years show living a new «Symphony of life» in «symbiosis» with a famous musician Gidon Kremer and his chamber orchestra «Kremerata Baltika».

Theatrical play half a concert of symphonic music, perform works by Britten, Orff, Schnittke, Kancheli.

The idea to combine clowning with instrumental pieces performed by Kremer and chamber orchestra «Camerata Baltika» was born by accident. According to the creators of the show, the Red-haired clown must always be opposed by White, and here in «the Snow Symphony» the role of the White clown took over the music. Two dumb art complement each other, musical numbers alternate with the circus.

© Photo : Snow show of Glory Polonesia Symphony of Slava PoluninTheatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Photo : Snow show of Glory Polonesia Symphony of Slava Polunin
Moscow Conservatory

Moscow Conservatory of music day on 1 October will present a concert dedicated to the 110th anniversary since the birth of the world-famous violinist, conductor and pedagogue of the Moscow Conservatory with David Oistrakh. This evening will perform the string Quartet bearing the name of Oistrakh, people’s artist of Russia, Professor of Moscow Conservatory, Eliso Virsaladze.

The Quartet named after David Oistrakh received the name in 2012, already being a cohesive professional team. The first violin Andrey Baranov, winner of over 20 international competitions, including the oldest and most prestigious competition – the international competition. Queen Elizabeth. After the triumphant performances of Oistrakh in this contest win Baranova has become a landmark event in his life and has played an important role in the history of the Quartet. Thanks to the support of family Oistrakh Quartet was awarded the name of this outstanding musician, genius of the violin art of the twentieth century.

The concert, which will open the musical parade, the Prime Minister of the Moscow Conservatory, chamber ensembles, composers, included in the permanent repertoire of Oistrakh. It’s Mendelssohn – String Quartet in f minor, Schumann – Piano quintet in e-flat major and, of course, Shostakovich (String Quartet No. 8 in C minor) – a contemporary and friend of Oistrakh, who wrote for him the Violin Concerto.

In a concert dedicated to participate Eliso Virsaladze (piano) and the Quartet. Oistrakh, comprising: Andrey Baranov (violin), Rodion Petrov (violin), Fyodor Belugin (viola), Alexey Zhilin (cello).

To close the month of the Moscow Conservatory the concert «Mozart. Virtuoso music for violin». The historic Great hall on 31 October, will Sergey Stadler, conductor and violinist of world renown who will perform with the Symphony orchestra of St. Petersburg.

«I think that Mozart is one of the most difficult to execute composers. The apparent simplicity of his music is deceptive, it contains a lot of difficulties, overcoming of which requires great skill,» is often repeated to his disciples Oistrakh.

This evening the musician, who delighted in more than 70 countries around the world, who played in open concerts on the violin II Cannone of Paganini by Guarneri del gesù, will perform works of genius Mozart.

In the program — Concerto for clarinet and orchestra (transcription for violin and orchestra Stadler), Night Serenade, two of Rondo for violin and orchestra, Adagio for violin and orchestra and the Violin Concerto from Serenade in d major.

© Moscow state Conservatory named after P. I. Chajkovskogo, devoted to the 110 anniversary from the birthday of David OistrakhTheatrical premiere October: «Serezha» and «travels with Auntie»© Moscow state Conservatory named after P. I. Chajkovskogo, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of David Oistrakh