Transactions with us dollar in the case of sanctions are available to the Russians, said the Central Bank

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in photobacteria Central Bank of Russia. Archival photoTransactions with us dollar in the case of sanctions are available to the Russians, said the Central Bank© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Operations with the American currency for Russian citizens in case of introduction of sanctions of the USA will not be stopped, said the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Sergey Shvetsov, speaking at the Fair financial decisions.

«America is not interested to ban anyone to use dollars, because that is the most profitable in the world of business to print papers and in exchange for printed products to benefit all of the world, so, of course, will not happen,» he said, answering the question of whether to ban use of the dollar.

What can be some limitations in non-cash payments for some Russian banks, which today are carried out through the payment system of the United States, he said.

«There are a few payment systems and they will be unavailable, but it absolutely does not affect the ability of the dollar to service the external trade turnover of the Russian Federation. Just part of the financial sector preoriented internal operations, the remaining part of the financial sector both worked, and will work. Therefore, no blockade from the point of view of the use of the dollar, at least from the rhetoric, which today is, and such question is not necessary», — he added.

«So the rumors about problems with the dollar in Russia, they are somewhat exaggerated. But it absolutely does not mean that we should to rely in its foreign trade, in domestic operations in the American, European, or any other currency. The ruble is the national currency. We see how expanding the use of the ruble, he in recent years, showing resilience, including in its function of measure of value,» he said.

In August, the us Congress introduced a bill with a whole set of anti-Russian measures, including sanctions against a new state debt of the Russian Federation and the state banks, the list of which includes Vnesheconombank, Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, and Promsvyazbank. RIA Novosti interviewed experts noted that state-owned banks wording in the document is vague, so potentially it can lead to a ban on payments in dollars.