«Tsoi is alive, the Cord died.» The Network has criticized the new video for «Leningrad»

YouTube users criticized the new clip of group «Leningrad» on the song «Choi».

Video Sergey Shnurov plays the role of captain of a spaceship, which explodes after a collision with a Tesla Roadster, sent into space by the SpaceX company. As a result of its save the aliens, and then fragment from the song «we will Continue to act only we» of group «Cinema».

The video was published on 20 September and by this time he scored over 430 thousand views. While I liked the video only for 15 thousand spectators, while her parents told me that I scored 36 thousand.

«Cord died during his lifetime. Choi alive, even after death,» wrote the Thujone.

«Against the background of Tsoi you are spiritually bankrupt uncle!» — added Котяра0609

«Song about nothing. The clip is filmed high quality, but the plot is stupid» — said Sergei Petrov.

Most users are outraged by the presence in the video advertising alcohol and the Bank.

«Cord is trying to close the mortgage? Why so much propaganda and advertising in the last clips?— asked the Ugly Lady.

«James, you forgot to advertise sanitary towels, condoms, powder and viagra!» — added Anastasia Eliseeva.

«Song of the advertising dummy,» joined by Jiri Irikov.

«The most pathetic productplacement what I saw,» said Alex Chebotkov.

However, some users stood up for the contractor.

«It would be a reason, and what offense we will. Fans Tsoi,» he joked AF BF.

«Awesome clip and great song! Thank you))),» wrote Val Kilmer.

«When this clip is made better than the modern Russian cinema», — said Marina Kotova.