Ukraine knows who will give her «independence Church». And it’s not Constantinople

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President Poroshenko, speaking on Thursday with a message to the Verkhovna Rada admitted that he did not know when Ukraine will receive the «independence Church», although only a couple of days ago he was confident in a speedy resolution of this issue. Supporters of the autocephaly once again urged to help the country «find their dream». But this time they are addressed not to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Or Tomos or jail

In the heart of Manhattan next to the memorial to victims of the attack on «twin towers» topped with a cross stands the building in scaffolding. This newly built St. Nicholas Church — the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is erected on the site of an earlier, collapsed along with the skyscrapers for several years. And no one knows when there will be held the first worship service. Initially, the temple was scheduled to open in 2016.

This spring, the FBI began to investigate how and where in the construction of the Church was missing $ 80 million. Formal charges have not yet been made, but I suspect all the higher clergy of the American Archdiocese is the largest and most influential part of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

In summer, 24-26 July, its bishops met with U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in the framework of the first meeting of the Department for the promotion of religious freedom in the world. There was the leadership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America, which is part of the American Archdiocese. And yet — Vice-President Mike Pence and Ukrainian Ambassador Valery Chaly. Discussed including the establishment of the Autocephalous Church in Ukraine.

«We have received full and strong support» — commented on the results of the meeting roan.

For spread in the Network rumors, on the sidelines of the event Pompeo allegedly pressured the bishops of Constantinople, demanding from them to affect Fanar (the name of a district in Istanbul where is the center of the Patriarchate of Constantinople), so that accelerated the decision of the question of autocephaly. And in exchange he supposedly promised to settle the problem with St. Nicholas Church in new York. True or not, is not known.

However, in the Russian Orthodox Church believe that Washington plays almost a key role in the Ukrainian Church issue.

«It is obvious that the actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is the American administration. In fact, Americans do not hide. The US Ambassador is constantly consulting with Mr. Poroshenko, the other Ambassador is a regular guest of Patriarch Bartholomew, there is a very close relationship,» — said the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

The exposure of the exarchs

In the Russian Orthodox Church I have no doubt that the question of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church was purely political. Too many «coincidences». For example, why now Patriarch Bartholomew sent to Ukraine as his Exarch, Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel from the USA and Bishop Hilarion of Edmonton Canada? At a recent meeting with Poroshenko messengers of Constantinople was assured that want to see the religious situation in the country. It seems logical to see and to know the position of different parties. But there is one detail.

Archbishop Daniel and Bishop Hilarion are in Ukraine already not the first year. In June 2015, the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC) is the only canonical Orthodox Church in the country, recognized by all local Orthodox churches in the world — drew attention to their activity.

«To Express concern about the activities of the hierarchs of other local Orthodox Church in the canonical territory of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church without approval from the hierarchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,» said the Synod.

But officially, the Exarch of the Church of Constantinople arrived in Ukraine only three years later. And the Russian Church have an explanation.

«Someone in Constantinople in a hurry to finish this whole project Autocephalous, as long as power is President Poroshenko, who actively supports this project,» — said Metropolitan Hilarion.

The uncertainty of lobbyists

But the Ukrainian President himself can’t seem to decide the time of autocephaly. The seventeenth of September he informed the Exarch that «in this way… we reached the finish line». But three days later admitted to deputies: «I don’t know when will give Tomos and bring him back to Ukraine.»

Unclear and the uncertainty of the head of the self-proclaimed «Kiev Patriarchate» Filaret, does not hide the desire to guide future structure. Three days ago, at a conference at the Atlantic Council, he almost begged the White house not to miss the chance «to help Ukraine find your dream.»

«We came to the United States to request that they supported the Ecumenical Patriarch in his desire to provide us autocephaly. And it should be done this year. Because next year in Ukraine can choose a President who is so Pro-Moscow that support our autocephaly will not be. And then on our Tomos will be long forgotten… we Therefore ask the United States to help us,» Filaret appealed to the Americans.

The elite Council

In the US the Orthodox Nations the Greeks are the most influential, noted Church historian Vladislav parsley. Therefore, the American Archdiocese of the direct access to the White house and the residence of Patriarch Bartholomew.

«A number of prominent clerics of this Archdiocese associated with financing Fanara,» he says.

According to various estimates, in the United States live from a half to three million Greeks. Many of the parishioners of the Archdiocese, which consists of nine dioceses and parishes 540.

«The U.S. Archdiocese for the structure is not like the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, where the Bishop actually individually in control of everything. In quite a lot of bishops. In addition, the important role played by councils of laymen. For example, the Council of archons, which includes some representatives of the American elite of Greek origin, strongly affects the deeds of the bishops,» explains the historian.

This allows you to act in conjunction with the White house «secret.» «In this Council there are high officials of the CIA, FBI and other agencies. This line may be affected Constantinople», — the expert believes.