YouTube unblocked channel Versus Battle

© RIA Novoselovoy YouTube. Archival photoYouTube unblocked channel Versus Battle© RIA Novosti

Battle the Versus channel on YouTube unblocked after he spent a few hours in the bath.

Earlier, the channel page and videos, published, was not available for viewing.

«This account has been blocked due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube Terms of use, including in relation to spam, of deceiving and confusing to the user», — reported users.

Now all videos on the channel available for viewing.

Versus Battle is the largest Russian platform rap battles. The first video appeared on the channel about five years ago. During this time he managed to collect more than 4.3 million subscribers. The most popular video on the channel is still a battle Oxxxymiron VS Johnyboy — from April 2015 it has been watched over 44 million times. For the first day of publication he collected over a million views and became the most viewed Battlo in the history of Youtube. In August 2018, this record was broken — the confrontation between Oxymoron and Purulent gained over nine million views in the first day.