In the Chechen village opened the first Orthodox complex

© RIA Novostirussian temple in the village of Shelkovskaya in ChechnyaIn the Chechen village opened the first Orthodox complex© RIA Novosti

First in Chechnya Orthodox complex with a Sunday school inaugurated on Saturday in the Cossack village of Shelkovskaya, northeast of Republic, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The ceremony was attended by the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in skfo Alexander Matovnikov, the Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Sergey Chebotarev, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

Twenty meters of the temple on the lake was erected on the place where in 1937 on the orders of the Bolsheviks destroyed the Church named after St. Barbara. Now this is a complex on the area of three thousand square meters, where in addition to the Church there is a Sunday school, a refectory, a house for the rector of the Church, a hotel for visitors, said the assistant of the head of Chechnya Daniel Martynov, who oversaw the construction.

«We just fly, you have no idea what this is happiness for us! Was fit meeting-house in the village of Chervlennaya, where the priest came from Nauru, something of the terrible, and now we have a temple with his priest. We prayed so much for Varvara the great Martyr, and finally, she helped us», – told RIA «news» local resident Lyubov Badin. According to her, specially on this event, her sister arrived from the Crimea with the children gathered all former classmates from Moscow, Tver, Krasnodar.

«Most importantly, we will have a now Sunday school, we have children going to drive here, Yes I’ll go,» adds Badin. According to her, the temple has yet to sanctify, and villagers look forward to, December 17, when the day of St. Barbara will be held the first Church service.

A local school teacher Lyudmila Behindin come on holiday with the family — children and grandchildren.

«Came with the whole family. Worried. It is an event we’ve been waiting for this, now is where we come in the holidays and grief,» she said.

The Plenipotentiary of the President Alexander Matovnikov, speaking at the opening of the temple, recalled the «historical justice» triumphed after the erection of the Church.

«80 years ago this place was a temple that was demolished by the Bolsheviks. Today historical justice has triumphed, and there is a new temple. We are grateful to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and residents for their perseverance and patience,» said Matovnikov. He is sure that this site will be «God’s grace».

«We see that on the shore of the lake is the Orthodox center, and on the opposite Bank — a mosque. This suggests that in Chechnya prevails mutual respect between representatives of different confessions and religions», — said the envoy.

Call Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov called for Orthodox young people to actively participate in the life of the Republic.

«I call on all Christian youth to actively participate in all processes in the Republic, to involve children in sports, culture, education. If we help the younger generation, tomorrow we will be even more beautiful,» Kadyrov said, speaking to the crowd.

He recalled that during the crisis in Chechnya, «the so-called ideologues of religion, we call them «devils» trying to split the Chechen people on religious, ethnic, sectarian lines».

«But nothing happened, all the people of our Republic live in peace and friendship,» — concluded Kadyrov.

A letter to the villagers

Assistant of the head of Chechnya Daniel Martynov, who were in charge of the construction of the temple, said as construction began.

«When Ramzan Akhmatovich (Kadyrov) received a letter from the Orthodox residents of the village of Shelkovskaya with a request to build an Orthodox Church, I was there. He that evening responded and instructed me to oversee the construction of the temple. He personally oversaw the whole process. When they brought the first sketches of the temple, he said, «No, it needs to be not just a Church, it must be Orthodox complex,» — said Martynov. He believes the complex is «an important historical event for the Republic.» He thanked everyone who took part in the construction, including those who financed the project.

One of them is a businessman Timofey Kurgin, were present at the opening ceremony.

He thanked the head of the Chechen Republic for the invitation to participate in the project.

«I am grateful to the head of Chechnya, for inviting me into this project. We are seeing great results. In Chechnya, everything is changing, is developing. Now still under construction and the Orthodox Church», — concluded the Kurgin.

© RIA Novostirussian temple in the village of Shelkovskaya in ChechnyaIn the Chechen village opened the first Orthodox complex© RIA Novostirussian temple in the village of Shelkovskaya in Chechnya
Saint Barbara

In the Chechen village opened the first Orthodox complex© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in photobacteria noted the heroism of police during a special operation in the temple in Krasnoslobodsky the temple of the Holy great Martyr Barbara, which died in the year 306 at the hands of the father-pagan Dioscuri, is considered the protector against sudden and violent death. She lived in the Phoenician city of Heliopolis. Distinguished by a special beauty, and the father locked her in a tower to hide from prying eyes. In the period of the prison of Saint Barbara, studying the surrounding world, which was visible from her Windows, came to the conclusion about the existence of a single Creator. When the father to marry, allowed her to leave the tower, Barbara met with Christians Iliopol and was baptized. Dioskur, learning about the Christian religion daughter got mad and took her to the Governor of the city, named Martianus. Barbara was forced to renounce the Christian faith, but she refused. She was subjected to cruel tortures. The Governor of the city gave the father the right to execute judgment over the daughter and the Statues decapitated the barbarian.

Lakeside temple will be a monument in honor of the great Martyr.

The construction of temples

In recent years, the country built dozens of mosques. In Grozny is Europe’s largest mosque «Heart of Chechnya» to them. Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov.

In the Chechen village opened the first Orthodox complex© Photo : from personal archive of Archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev,»got a Splinter in mobile phone»: the everyday life of the military svedeniyami in Shelkovskaya stanitsa became the second in the last two years, the Orthodox Church, built in Chechnya. Here there are the most numerous after the terrible Orthodox community of about three thousand people.

In the village of Naurskaya in Northern Chechnya, in 2015, was built the Church of the Nativity for 100 people. The largest in the Republic — Grozny Church of Archangel Michael revived virtually from the ashes several times and the last in 2006.

In total in Republic eight Orthodox churches.

© RIA Novostirussian temple in the village of Shelkovskaya in ChechnyaIn the Chechen village opened the first Orthodox complex© RIA Novostirussian temple in the village of Shelkovskaya in Chechnya