«It is not necessary to heat the alcohol.» Autumn depression and how to fight it

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At the end of September in social networks are traditionally popular Internet memes about depression — autumnal melancholy ridiculed in various comic situations. And for good reason: the lack of sun, puddles under his feet, the lack of vitamins — all of these seemingly little things cause seasonal loss of strength in almost all. According to the observations of psychoanalysts, from year to year at this time there is a surge of affective disorders. RIA Novosti asked the experts how to prepare for the autumn and the melancholy differs from an ordinary bad mood.

Sadness makes to hide in a cave

In September and Oct is changing the natural regime: the days are becoming shorter, the person feels a decrease in the overall tone, stalling for dessert. Acute sleepiness — there is a desire early to go to bed and in the morning a little longer to lie in a warm bed. Longing and inexplicable melancholy piled a heavy load.

Seasonal depression, which affects almost all people on earth, there is not just. The culprit, according to psychologists, — evolution. Ph. D. Maria Kiseleva explains that such behaviors inherited from the ancient people: then no weather stations and applied knowledge about the nature of the body itself signalled about the changes in weather conditions.

«For example, if the pressure drops, then there is a hurricane risk — you need to seek shelter. Ancient people were concerned, were looking for somewhere to hide. Some now carry a «weather station», also called the climate», says she.

Thus, according to Kiselyova, people’s desire to associate a bad mood and apathy with the weather conditions too exaggerated.

«Many complain of feeling unwell in the autumn and winter, and boldly call it depression. I hasten to disappoint: this depression is subject to very few people. If we’re talking about a real serious disease, that it is only one percent if seasonally — no more than three percent. And the climate, who really feel the slightest changes in nature, too few — only about three percent», — quotes the psychologist.
As not to confuse the illness with sadness

Experts nevertheless draw attention to the fact that the poor autumn mood yet, you should not ignore. From painful recurrent (seasonal) depression it differs only by how long a person is experiencing discomfort and how much it hinders to live. Moreover, melancholy can develop into a severe depressive episode, if there are contributing causes.

Associate Professor of the Department of neuro — and pathopsychology, faculty of psychology, Moscow state University, candidate of psychological Sciences Elena Rasskazova said RIA Novosti, first you need to understand the cause of the bad mood. From the point of view of biology it’s simple: in the morning the retina of the eye needs to get sunlight. When he’s not there, serotonin (happiness hormone) in the body are underfunded. «In the summer, this problem does not happen, but in the fall, when we get up and going to work in the dark, and in the evening we go back again in the dark or doing something with artificial light, the mechanism is broken. It is no coincidence that the Blues clearly expressed in parts of the world close to the Arctic circle, where daylight is very short. In the end, there drowsiness, apathy, reduced concentration, everything goes wrong» — lists Rasskazova.

According to her, even now practiced light treatment — produces special glasses that the patient wears in the morning, like illuminating the retina of the eye. As a result, the body adapts to the desired cycle, respectively, the mood is also improving. «In General, for autumn and the melancholy it is better to prepare in advance: there are no special innovative recipes, all very casually. A good effect is physical activity, as improves the exchange of oxygen in the blood. You also need to eat properly, focusing on foods with vitamins D and B» — recommends it.

The psychologist said that affective depressive disorder, from which people sometimes can’t get out for weeks, looks exactly the same as ordinary depression.

There is a range of symptoms: depression, independent of circumstances, loss of pleasure, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, loss of appetite, insomnia. Psychiatrist at diagnosis is required to find at least two such symptoms.

«Before you go to the doctor, people have to listen to yourself and understand: the decadent mood in the morning appear only in a certain moment and then all is well, or is the situation really prevents to live to fulfill their social role? If everything is OK, then it is likely will help just steady sleep, more fresh air and proper nutrition. But if the spleen is too lengthy, need the support of professionals. Depression is now very successfully treated with medication and psychotherapy. So you need not to suffer, experiencing every fall, and to go to the doctor,» — says the psychologist.

Moping is not scary

According to the world health organization, depression is one of the most common mental disorders: every third man at least once in life faced with this. However, explains Maria Kiseleva, people have formed the wrong attitude to depression: that it should rather be fought by all ways and through the power to get yourself somewhere to go, someone to contact, to smile.

«But sometimes autumnal depression is a signal that we need to rest and curl up. You can bask in the bath, and inhale the pleasant aromas of the oil. And more to lean on healthy food. It is not necessary to heat this condition by alcohol, such an attempt to create an alternate reality does not solve the problem but will only complicate the work of the already exhausted body. A good way to relax is to watch the melodrama. If during a movie I wanted to cry, and after the voltage has passed and it has become easier, so there is no reason for concern, just needed to relax», says Kiselyov. And he adds: this will be enough for two days, however, if apathy is not more than a week, it is better to consult a specialist.

In addition, she said, to survive the depression in the city is much more complicated: «the Separation from nature much pressure, we do not experience recurrence, which is just the same as normal. In nature we see the seasons change, its perceived naturalness. There the air is different, the sun. Plus nature itself has done all that in the fall we had an easier time painting the leaves bright colours antidepressant. As the city is only gray asphalt, stone walls and a piece of gray sky.»

Among other things, says the psychologist, in the fall, especially after summer vacations and holidays, per person traditionally leans a lot of work, you have to spend more time and effort. «Of course, this will affect the state, regardless of psychosomatics. We need to treat this with understanding. But some are beginning to aggravate — to suffer, to say that life is a failure,» she notes.

Pros melancholy
It is also important to understand that the autumn breakdown happens in humans, not every time: we often do not notice the change of seasons. Therefore, says the psychologist, melancholy is seasonal and a significant bonus: it signals that it is time to change something.

«Sometimes the body is smarter than us: if we have lost any reference point or the meaning of life, but stubbornly refuse to pay attention, then certainly in the autumn it’ll come out. Meaningful life in any weather positive and easier. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, not so much physically as psychologically, you have to think about what in life goes wrong,» says Kiselyov.

What to do to not suffer

Sometimes a good night’s sleep, long walks in the fresh air and the adjusted power is not enough to beat the Blues. Head of the Department of neuro — and pathopsychology, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Alexander thostov in conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti said that the first step is to change the attitude to the depression: treat it as a challenge instead of as a catastrophe.

«One of the most effective and affordable practices, oddly enough, is to set a goal. Many complain that in the fall they have nothing to do, supposedly cold, cloudy weather, on the street boring. So, we need to actively take on for the things you haven’t done before,» says Kostov.

And quotes Pushkin: «As black thoughts cross your mind, uncork a bottle of champagne Il re-read «the Marriage of Figaro.» «Long winter nights, to have time to redo all the work, which was never a time in spring and summer. To play sports, read books, start learning something new,» he adds from himself.

It is also useful to think about pleasant things: for example, that soon will come the New year. Elementary planning vacations help you escape, relax and imbue existence with meaning. In General, however, we must remember that the autumn melancholy — a temporary phenomenon. Everything goes, just need to be patient and to wait, summed up thostov.