Lenin spoke out against Hitler in the elections in Peru

© Fotolia / HuebiФлаг Peru. Archival photoLenin spoke out against Hitler in the elections in Peru© Fotolia / Huebi

Funny situation before the elections of the mayor of a small town Ungar in the Peruvian Department of Ancash, where a candidate named Hitler Alba Sanchez was made a citizen by the name Lenin, Vladimir rodríguez Valverde.

According to radio RPP, bearing the name of Hitler, the candidate presents himself in the election campaign as a «Good Hitler.» In the whole of Latin America a poor guide to European history, and for them Hitler is nothing more than a foreign name.

To resist Hitler decided a local resident, too, with a sonorous name Lenin, Vladimir. He filed a lawsuit for cancellation of elections of Alba Sanchez, but he was rejected by a local court.

The candidate said that to wear the name of one of the most odious politicians of the last century was for him a heavy burden. However, this did not prevent Hitler Alba Sanchez had once lead the city in the period 2011-2014. According to him, Hitler called him because of a foreign name, and his dad knew, who actually was the person who gave him the name.