Lukashenko said on the «serious and productive» talks with Putin

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Sochi, heavy, but effective.

Earlier the President of Russia said that the need to «compare notes» with Belarus on some important issues. Lukashenko, in turn, expressed confidence that Moscow and Minsk will be able to settle almost all questions until the end of the year.

According to Lukashenko, the main honour of the negotiations was one-on-one.

«The talks lasted six hours, even more. And frankly, it wasn’t even difficult, and difficult negotiations. But effective,» — said on the website of the President of Belarus.

Ukraine and political cooperation

Lukashenko also said that he discussed with Putin on the Ukrainian question.

«A lot of the attention we paid to sensitive issues within the CIS, which concern both our Nations. First and foremost — Ukraine. In a very positive way was the dialogue», — stated in the message.

The President of Belarus noted that the parties raised the issue of political cooperation between Moscow and Minsk in the framework of the CIS, CSTO and the EAEC, and also discussed further the construction of the Union state.

«Specific issues, known issues, CSTO, first of all, presidency in the CSTO and development of this organization,» — said Lukashenko.

He also said that all these issues will be discussed in Dushanbe next week (at the CIS summit — approx. ed.) and in Mogilev during the Forum of regions of Belarus and Russia. He recalled that at the meeting on 12 October will be attended by the presidents and heads of governments.

Border issue

Lukashenko also said that Moscow and Minsk have an understanding of how to solve the issue of crossing by citizens of third countries, the Belarusian-Russian border.

The President of Belarus said that between States there is virtually no border, but for nationals of third countries more difficult. Lukashenka also stressed that the settlement of this issue «in the interests of both Russia and Belarus.»

The President also said he hoped to resolve the issue with quotas in Russia for Belarusian carriers.

«We also discussed the question of our carriers. It’s crazy that the Russian Federation, giving permission for the transportation of goods, increased for Poland, Lithuania, Latvia these permits, their number, as much as three times over the last three years, at the same time, reducing them to Belarusian carriers. Well, what the Federal government…», — said Lukashenko.

He also said that this situation surprised Putin. According to Lukashenko, the President was not briefed on this issue.

«He said (Putin — ed.) that this is not normal. We discussed this issue, and one on one. And what we need to fix this situation. Again, the question for the relevant members of the governments of Belarus and Russia», — said Lukashenko.

The economic agenda

The President of Belarus also stated that the parties discussed the possibility of allocating Minsk a loan of one billion dollars. However, he noted that «not seen Russian side of rejection» during the discussion of this issue.

Lukashenko stressed that Minsk suggested that Moscow extend the term of repayment of the loan for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant and to reduce the interest rate. He is motivated by the fact that the Russian side violated the terms of the construction.

According to the President of Belarus, the interest rate should be around three percent. However, he also noted that he did not see the rejection of the Russian side in the debate on this issue.

«We just need to finalize this question. And I think we can solve this question in the way in which I said,» the President added.

Lukashenko also noted that the parties worked out a plan of mutual deliveries of agricultural products. The head of state stated that he expects «major changes» on the limits of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

«I raised the question, though hard, we were wrong to act in such a way that we now operate. Especially on the part of Russia. Something did not like — closed (for the supply of products to Russia — ed.), the company,» — said Lukashenko.

Lukashenko said on the «serious and productive» talks with Putin© RIA Novosti / Ivan to Runability in photomontagist suggested method of resolving the oil dispute Russia and Belorussiia same time, the President stressed, «today, four and a half a dozen dairy plants and perhaps two dozen meat processing are not able to fully supply their products to the Russian market.»

Lukashenko said that Putin called such a situation is wrong. The President of Belarus also expressed the hope to solve this issue until the end of the year.

The head of state added that the parties agreed on two options to address the issue of «peritumoral» oil and dark petroleum products supply from Russia. According to Lukashenko, Moscow and Minsk will choose the appropriate option during the summit in Dushanbe.