«Energy» is ready to offer service to fly around the moon, the source said

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Rocket and space Corporation «Energia» and the American company SpaceX, is ready to offer a tourist flight around the moon, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

According to him, the «Energy» for many years, a draft flight around the moon on Soyuz spacecraft, including the provision of services to tourists. «Now, however, the ticket price rose slightly in connection with the revision of the economic requirements of the project and will range from 150 to 180 million dollars», — the interlocutor told.

He recalled that originally it was «Energy» and the American operator of space tourism company Space Adventures was released on the commercial market with a tourist flight around the moon. The cost of one of the two places (the third was intended for the commander – professional astronaut) was $ 150 million. Subsequently due to the lack of demand, the ticket price dropped to $ 120 million.

The source explained that increased cost as a ticket to the moon, and flight into orbit. If the first contracts for the flights of American astronauts on the ISS began with $ 20 million, it ended at around 82 million per seat. The situation is similar with space tourists. The first tourist Dennis Tito paid for the flight is $ 20 million, and not a melted British singer Sarah Brightman had to pay for a ticket to space 52 million dollars.

It is anticipated that the launch will be used rocket «Soyuz-2», which will lead from the Baikonur cosmodrome into orbit the spacecraft «Soyuz MS». And launched from the cosmodrome «East» rocket «Angara» launch DM with additional sealed compartment. They dock in orbit and on their way to the moon. The period of the expedition should be about a week. The ship will be able to fly around the moon a few hundred kilometers from the surface.

In 2017, the then head of RSC Energia Vladimir Solntsev said that the Corporation had been approached by several people wishing to make a flyby of the moon, paying for a ticket at $ 120 million. This flight he called real in 2021 or 2022. The modernization of the «Union» under the lunar flyby required $ 500 million.

The head of «Roskosmos» Dmitry Rogozin announced on June 28 the possibility of manned flights to the moon using Soyuz spacecraft, while finalizing the development of a «Federation».

SpaceX a few years ago announced the flight around the moon on a spaceship Dragon 2 two tourists at the end of 2018. On Tuesday, the company announced that the first commercial passenger transport system BFR, which will go to the moon will be a Japanese billionaire, an art collector of Yusaku Maezawa. According to the owner of SpaceX Elon musk, the flight will take four or five days. He did not specify the timing, but the space tourist said that this will happen in 2023. SpaceX did not disclose the amount paid by Maezawa for the journey.

«Energy» is ready to offer service to fly around the moon, the source said© Infographicsrussia me astronauts?