In Moscow the international forum of Oncology and radiology

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Leading specialists from Russia, Europe, America and Asia will share experiences and discuss topical issues of Oncology and radiology at the first international forum of Oncology and radiology in Moscow.

It will last until September 28.

«The forum will be a fundamental platform for the consolidation of the medical community, exchange of experience and advanced knowledge, and interdisciplinary communication centre, a variety of professionals: oncologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, radiation physicians, therapists, chimiotherapie, endovascular surgeons, and healthcare professionals,» — said the press service of the research center of radiology Ministry of health of Russia.

The forum will include 11 narrow themed congresses, including congresses on breast cancer, encourtered, neuro-Oncology and nuclear medicine.

The forum participants will examine current methods of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients, discuss the possibilities and availability the use of high technology in medical practice, analyze and determine solutions to the main challenges facing the Oncology service of Russia, said the press service.

During the forum it is planned to define priorities for the development and production of Russian medicines and high-tech equipment, and to develop a strategy for interdisciplinary research and attracting specialists in related scientific fields, according to the website of the forum.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line previously noted that the problem of cancer is one of the most acute in the health sector, it must be addressed to increase life expectancy. In late July, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at meeting on development of cancer care urged to pay special attention to early diagnosis of cancer, the development of infrastructure and training of medical staff.

The national project «Health», developed by the Ministry of health, provides eight different areas of health development, including improving primary health care, assistance with cardiovascular and oncological diseases, development of medical aid to children, training medical specialists, the digitization of healthcare, the development of national medical centres and medical tourism.

Implementation of the national project «Health» should help to 2024 to reduce the death rate from oncological diseases in Russia, with more than 200 to 180 cases per 100 thousand population, said in early August, Deputy Minister of health Sergey Kraevoy.