In Tunisia, the floods killed four people

© 2018 AFP / Fethi BelaidАвтомобиль ambulance in Tunisia. Archival photoIn Tunisia, the floods killed four people© 2018 AFP / Fethi Belaid

At least four people were killed by floods on the Cape At TIB in Tunisia, reports Agence France Presse with reference to representatives of the authorities.

As reported in the result of heavy rains on Saturday, the water level in some areas rose to 1.7 meters, which led to the destruction of bridges and roads.

The Agency reports that among the victims were two girls and 60-year-old man. Information about the fourth deceased is not given.

According to the National Institute of meteorology of Tunisia, rainfall reached 200 mm in the town of Nabeul and almost 225 millimeters in Beni Khaled. Torrential rains were the most powerful in the entire history of this statistics Institute since 1995.

The Tunisian authorities stated that the search and rescue operations involved the police, army and rescue teams and two helicopters and ambulances medical care. The authorities have also taken preventive measures in the Sahel region in Tunisia, pending further rain.