Lawyer Maria Butunoi had to justify before a judge

© AFP 2018 / StringerМария Butina. Archival photoLawyer Maria Butunoi had to justify before a judge© AFP 2018 / Stringer

Protection of Russians Maria Butunoi requested from American University, where she studied the documents which can shed light on the publications in the media about students allegedly expressing concern about the possible connection of the girl with the Russian special services, however, the lawyer had to defend before a judge, shows the response of protection in the judicial documents.

A day earlier, there was published the requirement of a judge Tanya Chutkan to provide evidence to the court quashed the summonses to produce documents, which for some reason was given to the students of the University.

In the answer of the lawyer Butinai Robert Driscoll stated that protection is not addressed to students but to the University, where requested from the campus police records that could be relevant to the case.

«Media reported that some students of the American University was concerned about the Russian ties of Mrs. Butynol and gave statements to law enforcement. Because the authorities (the prosecution – ed.) did not provide these statements, the police of the campus of the American University is matched by the potential source of any claims», — explained in the document protection.

In addition, the lawyers, the Russians asked for copies of any documents related to the complaint Butynol on the actions of a University Professor Svetlana Savranskaya. The latter, recalled by the defense, in 2017 gave a media interview in which he led the class discussion as evidence of Butynol relations with the Russian authorities and the election headquarters trump. The Russian then in response filed a formal complaint with the University.

«Any such documents which the University has in connection with this incident, appropriate for protection» — the lawyer considers.

According to him, the defense also asked the school to provide student records.

«Authorities suggest that MS Butina was a full student at the American University – but she was. Her classmates are potential witnesses who worked with her on research projects and saw that she attends classes and participates in them, and knew about its participation in scientific work», — said in response to protection.

According to Driscoll, the requested lists of students will help to identify those who could testify in this matter. According to him, the University has expressed willingness to provide the requested records. As for agendas that some of the students found in their mailboxes, the lawyer explained that they were sent by the University itself, which is required by law to notify students of their intention to provide information about them in court.

Butino detained in the USA in July, she faces up to 15 years in prison. She is accused of conspiracy to commit an agent of a foreign government without registering with the U.S. Department of justice, as well as directly in the work of a foreign agent. Butina told the court about his innocence. The lawyer of Russians said that she wasn’t doing anything illegal, and her connections in the United States are fully explained by studies at the local University majoring in «international relations».