Russian businessmen because of the sanctions, return capital to Russia, write media

© Depositphotos / valphotoРоссийские rubles and US dollars. Archival photoRussian businessmen because of the sanctions, return capital to Russia, write media© Depositphotos / valphoto

New us sanctions forced the Russian entrepreneurs to quickly transfer their assets in Russian banks, says Bloomberg, citing sources close to the situation.

It is noted that a hasty withdrawal began after the company Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg has lost billions in a matter of hours result in severe sanctions. The entrepreneurs fear that this trend will only increase.

«This event showed how international business can be in one moment to its knees. It really opened the eyes of many magnates», — said the publication of the BCS Global Markets strategist Vyacheslav Smolyaninov.

As writes Bloomberg, to assess the extent of the refund in Russia is difficult, but, for example, recently the Sberbank reported the growth of corporate deposits in the period from January to August of 98 billion dollars, which confirms the return of capital.

In addition, as the newspaper notes, the new sanctions has led to the fact that many Russian entrepreneurs are beginning to refuse payment in dollars and trying to move to other currencies in financial transactions with foreign partners. They still have large reserves of dollars and euros, but now starting to save rubles in case of emergency or for future payments.

Thus, stresses Bloomberg, the administration of Donald trump helps Vladimir Putin in achieving the goals, which he failed to achieve for over twenty years.