Saudi Arabia celebrates national day, a million bursts of fireworks

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate in fotobounce of Riyadh city — the capital of Saudi Arabia. Archival photoSaudi Arabia celebrates national day, a million bursts of fireworks© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate the image Bank

Saudi Arabia on Sunday will celebrate the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom large-scale festivities, a Grand Cirque Du Soleil, about a million volleys of fireworks and light show on the West coast waiting for the Saudis, a survivor of a notable transformation of the country over the past year, told RIA Novosti the Center for international relations of the government.

As told in the centre, «the Directorate General of entertainment activities have prepared an extensive program for celebrating the National day of Saudi Arabia». So, in Riyadh’s world famous circus for the first time displays a view with the largest number of artists employed on the same stage. They immerse viewers in the atmosphere of a fantastic show about the future of the Kingdom.

Night sky over the major cities of the country will be illuminated with thousands of fireworks: of the 55 installations across the country will be released 990 thousand volleys of fireworks, thanks to Saudi Arabia twice to get into the Guinness Book of records for the number of fireworks and the biggest flag pictured in the sky with them.

On the new waterfront town of Jeddah in the West of the country, its inhabitants and guests can watch the light show about the history of the Kingdom. Using mobile phones, and new virtual technology, the audience will have the opportunity to see how the surrounding space can look like in the future.

In the East — in the city of Dammam on the occasion of the National day of the Kingdom will be a parade of motorcycles, and in El-Ahsa 16 balloons will depart in the morning flight, symbolizing the unity of the 13 provinces, United under one flag and slogan of future development of the country «Vision 2030», which will also carry a separate balloons.

As noted in the Center for international relations, events celebrating the National day of Saudi Arabia are intended to remind the subjects of the Kingdom about what is happening in it and tell, what prospects are waiting for them.

Since the last celebration of the National day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has changed its development path, under the influence of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from the vicious ultra-conservative Kingdom, she has become more open and modern country where women drive cars and cinemas and concert halls are built seaside resorts, but foreigners can enter the country on a tourist visa.